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  1. this drama is AMAZING. I finished up to epi 25 on amazon & I am dying for more... It's sad that this series isn't getting a lot of love here on the forums - it is so smart, witty & entertaining. Plus I love the slow burn between zhang & tan qi... Jackson Yee is totally impressing me - at 17 (which is how old he was when he filmed this), he is better than other actors who are in their 20's and 30's. He is totally holding his own with the more older actors.
  2. I have a question, what did Shifu carve into the side of the mountain when he realized that Xiaofeng was in love with Li Chengyin? Was that her name?
  3. she isn't even 30 years old!! you make her sound like she is 80... lol
  4. hi erafera1!

    how do you find the videos in weibo?  I have an account too, is there a hashtag that is special to the korean versions or just have to check daily to see if someone uploaded? 


    thank you 




    1. Erafera1


      Hi michele:)

      I always check from GMP weibo hashtags to get all the video,and yes just check it everyday to get update if someone upload it:) here's the link




    2. biancardi


      thank you!! 



  5. thank you @Erafera1 why do they delete the videos? I do hope this gets picked up by someone to translate on youtube. I doubt viki or netflix will pick this up, but I did request it on both viki & netflix as a title.
  6. I rarely ship actors together but these two I just do!! However, I think she has a boyfriend - I thought I heard CXX state her BF was in the audience in one of those clips over the last few pages.
  7. no, I do not find this similar at all to the king's woman. Li'er in TKW was a masochist - she never forgot memories yet she still ran back to the king, despite his cruel treatment of her. Li Chengyin is nothing like the Emperor in TKW and Xiaofeng is nothing like Li'er. I must be the only one who loathed A'du for being a hypocritical sanctimonious character, who left Xiaofeng in the lurch at the end when she went off on her own revenge tangent. If A'du hadn't of went on a suicide mission, Xiaofeng might not have killed herself - but she did and XF was all alone. There was a scene where XF was doubting her actions on leaving LCY. I wish she had continued to doubt it
  8. YES, a thousand times YES. I never thought LCY was a monster. I could understand both his POV and XF's POV - I got why she didn't tell him that he was her true love, GXW - afterall, she just got her memories back and it must have felt like it just happened. I never thought he was a monster for killing GJ - GJ was the one who continued to lie to XF, manipulating her, trying to color her eyes towards LCY without telling how deep his own involvement was. A'Du was another one that I disliked at the end - oh great - they cry over GJ, but I felt his betrayal was worse that LCY - after all, GJ GREW up with XF and he was her teacher. He let her go to LCY, allowed for her to be used. I read some folks saying oh, well GJ had remorse over his part - of course he did! He remembered. LCY didn't have anything to be remorseful for as he has no idea what happened. I cannot fault LCY - he has no idea what he did, and he is jealous and confused. No one will tell him, not even Pei. When he gets his memories back, it comes back in a flood too - with all the raw passions as if it happened yesterday. Those two didn't stand a chance.
  9. Didn't he ask her to sing a song & that is why she sang it in the boat? She stated it was the only one she knew. I am a bit disappointed in the quality of the extra scenes. I wish they would have done a short (20-30 episode) modern series with them. Oh well.
  10. @ayang23 correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that was the only song she knew? Didn't she sing this to Li Chengyin as well during the course of this series?
  11. omg that makes me SO happy!! I would have liked to have a full blown sequel, but this is good
  12. I would love to see a sequel as they still are fated to be in each other's lives. perhaps that third life could be modern times and they fall in love all over again, but this time, with a HE.
  13. @jayyepeee Uh that wasn't me complaining about how they addressed each other You might want to tag the proper person who was asking about the generational older gap.
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