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  1. Which ever way I figure it , I cant see a happy ending in this drama.
  2. Hi Eveyone I'm loving this drama , I went back , Maybe I'm wrong its just a guess , But someone gets shot. I know who it is , But my mouth is zipped I don't want to spoil it for everybody. If this is a Peek into the ending it looks pretty bad.
  3. I Agree with you , But she is mostly attracted to him because of his money and how powerful he is. KIW Stepmom needed to be put her place, Shes always prancing around like she's the real madam of the house, When she's nothing but a lowly mistress. KIW dad , Did you see the look KIW gave him ? That's why he stopped . He could have stomped him like the piece of trash he is, But he went about it a nice/nasty way . In a indirect way he was telling him , Dad I'm not a child anymore don't press your luck, Now if you want me to whip your richard simmons I have plenty of witnesses. Honestly bullets could not kill his dad he needs to be gased.
  4. Hi Everyone I Wanted to watch finale w/subs to get a better understanding of what was going, and give my option. So here it goes : DY I felt didn't get as much karma as she should have gotten neither did EY , As mean and nasty as they were to DR. But in the end she apologized for all the wrong she did to DR. EY I knew it was going to take almost losing WDR to wake her up, No Mom wants to see their child in that state , Its unfortunate that it had to come that far, It was more heartbreaking to see how the families kept them apart and made them suffer more. But on the other side I understood where Mr Kang waa coming from, This is my daughter she has suffered for so long, I cant and will not see her suffer again. The TP , DR , WDR angle could have end differently , But felt like there was not enough chemistry or romance between DR and TP. I kinda of knew she was never over WDR. I have to admit .He did make a huge mistake not standing up for her when crap hit the fan. That really stung, And that on top of how his family mistreated her. But hey this is Kdrama it is what it is I was a happy with endiing even though DR and WDR didnt have kids, But then again how would she gone to law school. Kudos to all the cast Members all the actors they were daebok in their roles. I couldn't help but fall over with laughter at MR and DY giving birth lol. I'm going to miss grandma she brightened my day . Mr Kang and DR made me cry every single episode . Well it's been fun on to the next drama hope to see you all in another forum. .
  5. Hi Everyone I have loved watching this drama it's been a like a rollercoaster ride . It's sad to see it ending , But it's time to move on to the next. DY will never get her full karma , But I guess that's the way her character was written, I'm disappointed . EY Also it will take the lost of WDR to make her realize error of her ways. That may or may not happen. I cant see WDR ending up with anyone else. I was happy to HJ and Mr Kang made up. Mr Kang expression when DR gifted him and HJ the baby booties was priceless lol.
  6. I Agree with you , I have felt something was off since he showed up . Always lurking around watching, Then when Grandpa showed I knew for sure. I had asked was it possible he had a connection to the Wangs. That rich girl has alteroir motive written all over her.
  7. I hope so guilt is sometimes a great motavater .keeping it in eventually is what destroys you.
  8. I was thinking maybe someone paid the loan shark to lie, maybe the DY uncle?.
  9. I do she doesn't feel like living anymore herself. He is her one and only blood. She did have a stepdad but it's not the same, She just met him after so many years, it's like her heart is being ripped out of her chest. That MIL has no shame never has , hopefully she will get what's coming to her .
  10. No she was saying since he can't seem to escape his past and has no peace, Since he is now in a coma he can leave (die) and be at peace.
  11. Oh no HJ is not going to tolerate DY , Shes no DR . HJ Blasted her and her Mom before about how badly her Mom raised her. Dont mess with Auntie HJ lol . I also want to see WDR Mom get hers for meddling in DR and WDR affairs. I Hope her plans blow up like TNT.
  12. Yes she better lol . But it seems she has her own problem now YR has started cheating on her with the employee. She had it coming it's long overdue YR was tiring of her.
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