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  1. Right!!...those early days with your baby is most precious. Money can't buy that and it is now or never. They are rich so being more MIA wouldn't hurt their bank account. I do hope after being parents they will be better on dealing with rumors bc both of them did a terrible job before...my 2 cents .
  2. Hmmm...it seemed like Feng has been doing all the announcements - announcement that Zlying was indeed pregnant & announcement of the birth of their baby. I read somewhere that she gave birth late in Feb . So all the rumors of her & Feng came out to be true but why was she keep denying in some way indirectly lied about the rumors too...photos of her spending the night at his place and photos of them walking and holding hands - checked, they were seeing each other then, photo of her doing the split - didn't prove a thing about her not being pregnant bc some pregnant women can do more than her simple split, then their wedding licenses announcement then photos of her with big belly - checked, she was pregnant before they showed their marriage licenses. Anyways congratulations to them, the baby footprint thing would be better if they put their baby's name & birth date on it but I guess birth date is a no no. Last I read that she didn't want paparazzi to take photos of her bloated face from being pregnant, very understanding. And also I read somewhere that she wants to be back working again, again very understanding bc she loves what she does and she has been MIA for so long now. I wonder if PA 2 is on her agenda or not.
  3. The mods seem to delete posts that are anti Zlying but for some odd reasons I don't see them deleting posts that are anti LGX....pretty bias/double standard if you ask me ...I think it is best to screenshot your posts if you ever wanted to repost them again but try to make it constructive in talking about Zlying bc there are many sensitive Zlying fans that come into this thread and they will notify the mods....just my 2 cents. . SIGH this thread used to be so fun...I miss those days. P.s. I screenshot this post of mine just in case it got deleted lol.
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