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  1. I'm Korean, but I've talked like German all my life. LOL I will take care of becoming friends then maybe going for more than friends. It's getting them to the front door that is hard. Once that's done, I will manage something with honesty earnestly. Just going to show my interests, then hope I'm interesting and attractive to her enough to want to be friends. Friends first, girlfriend after maybe. Then wife. Then other plans.
  2. Thanks for the advice. https://toronto.craigslist.org/tor/act/6820943675.html I removed all the words I typed in "girl". I am really interested in learning German language. I am probably going to move there. I'm also interested in making German friends. As a bonus, I'm hoping I can land on a German girlfriend. That's a bonus; I'm still looking for a German friend in Canada. (I'm only looking for one German girl who finds me interesting and attractive to bother to be my friend.)
  3. For now, I'm just trying to get a German tutor and get a female German friend. As for whether that could lead to a German girlfriend, that's a definite maybe but no obligation is there. I don't care the readers can see that. I'm not explicitly demanding a girlfriend. If I look interesting and attractive enough, German girls with any kind of self-esteem could find it interesting to be my friend (& to tutor me). It's about whether you find someone interesting & attractive or not. Also, for now, there is no obligation at all to girlfriend. I'm just looking for a friend for now. German girls with any kind of self-esteem can be interested in becoming friends.
  4. I'm a Korean writer looking for a German tutoring from a German girl. Is there any German girl who wants to be friends with a Korean writer? Or does anyone know such a German girl to whom you could refer my ad to her? I don't care your credentials for tutoring German. I'm just hoping to get any Native German speaker with no teaching experience. Tutoring experience can be great for your self-esteem, extra income, teaching experience (as well as organizing, planning, etc), fun. It's a good experience to have as an independent student & teacher. Is there any German girl who would like to tutor me in German? I'm an amateur Korean writer. Hopefully, one day, I get to write for Kpop music videos or Kdrama. I'm not in the right conditions to start tutoring right away (I'm confined in situation at the moment), but I still would like to look for a German girl who is capable of tutoring me in German. https://www.facebook.com/notes/bear-berserk/short-story-the-pursuits-of-happiness/2165864193674927/ https://www.facebook.com/notes/bear-berserk/short-story-i-see-you/2163022980625715/ As for me, I'm an amateur writer. I write better in my language Korean, but here are 2 of my best short stories written in English. I'm Steven Lee. You can see my photos on my Facebook for when we get to meet. I look pretty good for an East Asian. I have a great personality. I dropped out of university while majoring in financial mathematics. I write good short stories. I haven't sold any of my works yet (certainly not to Kpop & Kdrama), so I probably need to get a day job. Any German girl wanna be friends with me? If you are a German girl interested in tutoring me in German language, please contact me. Send me private message on this craigslist link. You can reach my private email there. https://toronto.craigslist.org/yrk/act/d/north-york-im-korean-writer-looking-for/6820028409.html
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