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  1. Hey guys, I really want to watch some Jdrama with one trope which i will explain but it's been hard to find more drama or movies which have that trope so it would be awesome if you guys help me out! Please. Trope that i want is: Male lead falls first for the female lead and he is the first one to fallen in love, He falls way before female lead does and then episodes of him falling deeper for female lead and liking her more while female lead have no interest in him and have no romantic feelings for him. I don't want her to fall in love with him back early so more time, better. Note: I need a confident female lead who is bold have self esteem, strong willed and has strong character who is not annoying. Bonus: I would like if male lead acts shy around her or is different towards her than others or maybe is weird around her. I know this may be hard so i will give you some example ^^'' : Hana yori dango Pin to kona Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi From 5 to 9 Zenkai Girl A Girl and three sweethearts Boku Unmei no hito desu Operation Love (kind of same but he still tried to persuade her so maybe idk) Sorry for being picky but it would be great if you guys help me out!
  2. Heyy, Nothing much here.

    Just I like watching anime, asian dramas and movies and also like reading manga.

    Feel free to message me ^-^

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