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  1. Some of the things which made me like Boys over flower (my first drama lol) was how were the leads and the plot! I really liked how the rich/powerful the lead really didn't care about any female leads or didn't care how many girls were fangirling of him and how the female lead was his first love and on the other hand female lead never liked him that way instead she disliked him a lot and liked Second male lead before. i liked how in some ways the female lead and male lead were similar and also how male lead chased her no matter what and never gave up on her (like in dramas sometime ML gave up on her due to some misunderstanding or something), he tried to adjust to her ways and also cared for her the most. So recommend me something where ML falls first for FL and chases her no matter what but FL takes time to like him!
  2. Well, I need to watch dramas/movies, where the male lead falls first for the female lead, where the male lead chase after female lead who is not interested and he has one sided love for female lead (it would be great if one sided love remain for longer episodes! ^^) Oh, Female lead should have strong character who can defend herself and speak as well stand up for herself. No sad endings and prefer light dramas/movies ^^'' Oh, you can suggest/recommend me from any countries! Thank you
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