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  1. Here's the start of my comparison between the drama and novel for those who are interested, sorry it took so long! I didn’t actually read the first half of the novel as I only started reading while I was waiting for the episodes (after ep 21) to be broadcast. But from the comments online, it seems like the drama was very similar to the novel in the beginning so I won’t go back to read it. I guess there’s also the whole time travel background in the novel that wasn’t brought over to the drama, so to give a bit of context, MRF and BQ were from modern times and while they had no blood ties (I think) and their relationship was rather dysfunctional, maybe even abusive, they could only rely on each other. They time travelled back into the past after falling from a cliff. The differences between the novel and drama based on what I read starts from the desert. I don’t think its possible to write everything down so I’ll just do a point form post and hope it makes sense hahaha. - DFS finds BQ in the desert, but BQ gets kidnapped by the bandits. - CY comes across her while chasing the bandits and saves her, getting injured in the process. He asks BQ to stay hidden behind a boulder while he leads the bandits away but she runs after him (but didn’t find him) when she realised he is injured. - CY goes back to find her but BQ is already gone. DFS comes across CY and they agree to collaborate to deal with the bandits (and succeeds). [Sidenote: So in the novel, the 3 of them are never together in the desert at the same time like it was depicted in the drama. And LQW didn’t appear at all.] - Back to BQ, she wakes up in a manor. She only remembers meeting some troops and showing them the pendant CY gives to her. Turns out they were his men and she was lucky to meet them. - BQ wants to leave to find Zhu Shou (ZS) but Xiao Liu (XL) doesn’t trust her and forbids her from leaving. They start to bicker and XL starts talking about how LQW is much better than her. BQ is unhappy but their quarrelling scene is funny (she talks about how she’ll let LQW be CY’s concubine and make LQW wait on her daily). BQ also gets to know that CY is injured and unconscious. - While XL is away, BQ escapes. CY wakes up and goes to look for BQ after realising she is not at the manor anymore. - CY heads to DFS’ gambling den and finds BQ (who is there to look for ZS). He acts like he hasn’t seen her since she ‘died’ and that they are still siblings. BQ is still angry at him but he makes use of the ‘reunion’ to hug her. - The scene in the drama about whether BQ is still a virgin then happens. [Sidenote: The scenes in the drama where LQW stays in the manor are all made up. Which is disappointing because the added scenes only serve to tarnish CY’s character.] - BQ leaves the gambling den first in her carriage and CY follows after her. After some to and fro, CY bluffs that he’s injured and BQ gives in and goes to CY’s carriage. - BQ follows CY to his main manor (the previous one was just a small one in another state). DFS follows to try find out if CY is LYK. He sees CY’s old arrow scar from LQW and realises the truth but leaves to settle other issues first. - BQ then heads to CY’s room, telling XL to stand guard and when XL says that CY needs rest, she says that she knows and is going to sleep with him (in the literal sense). [hahaha XL is shocked and although this wasn’t in the drama, I can just imagine it!] - CY and BQ talks about eloping but after CY prepares the belongings for her, the part where CY pretends to be arrested happens. Oops this is taking way too long. At this rate I’ll never finish hahaha. I think I have to make it even more high level sorry. Will post this part first and then continue in a separate post these few days! Not tagging anyone yet since I haven’t finished, but for my own memory’s sake I think some that expressed interest in how the novel ends were themarchioness, luna2nd and taeunfighting and baibi hollister. Will tag you guys when I’m done
  2. A 20min compilation of BQ and CY's moments from the beginning to end of the show Of course this doesn't cover everything but it does include a lot! Sorry I couldn't find an eng-subbed version of this :/ http://t.cn/EITNItU I personally like how it puts their happy times in the woods at the last part. I consider that episode as my ending too. As much as I dislike how the drama ended, I will always love the sweetness and love between the lead couple (:
  3. Before I embark on doing a very summarized comparison of how the novel plays out compared to the show, I would like to just rant a little haha. What a shitty ending. Like @themarchioness said, there were so many spoilers (which I appreciated) that I didn't really feel much while watching the last 2 episodes. I even watched at x2 speed for some parts. I know some people prefer not having spoilers but I was SO glad I wasn't going in blind cos I would have been really upset at how terrible the show ended after chasing it for so long. I guess my expectations were even higher cos I read the novel and expected thing to turn out similarly. I was really wrong haha. Even the author of the novel expressed her disappointment on her weibo. She said she didn't like the fact that all the characters died, because there wasn't sufficient reason for their deaths. I think a lot of us here agree totally. YL, DS and her brother didn't even need to be at that fighting scene? And it didn't seem like CY and YC had a very good plan to stop MM so I'm not sure what the writers were trying to make them do. Its just such a sloppy way of dealing with the characters who deserved so much more. Another point the author wasn't happy with was how CY's character was written in the second half of the drama, and felt bad that he wasn't written as exciting as DFS. I'm not sure how I would have felt about CY if I watched the drama only, but although I still liked CY over DFS, the way his character was written was indeed quite disappointing in the second half of the show. So many scenes were added that showed him in an unflattering light, while his interesting parts weren't included. Of course, its not like he was perfect in the novel. Just more interesting and understandable. Speaking of adding scenes, many were complaining that the actors playing DFS and LQW got so many additional scenes cos they are under the agency making this show (along with Ariel Lin) and the agency wanted to promote them. Nothing against the actors themselves (I thought DFS was well acted), but its so sad that the potential of the drama was not realised due to such agendas. Hahaha rant over for now. I'm sure my displeasure will still somehow leak out in my comparison posts :X
  4. I've included some simple answers to your questions Will try to explain a bit more in another post after I'm done looking through the novel again!
  5. I read the ending of your version too but the version I read in more detail had a different ending! I don't have time to go into as much detail as I would like to but the version I read had
  6. Yes happy to share after the drama is over! Some preview I found Can't believe everything will come to an end tomorrow!
  7. @themarchioness hahaha I have a feeling that the final two episodes might be even harder to watch separately! But I know, who can resist watching as soon as it's out?? At least I know I can't Regarding your comment about the sad but beautiful scenes, I have to agree! You can really feel the emotions. I wouldn't mind them going through some pain now if I could be sure they would have a happy ending. And to be honest,
  8. I'm glad I had time to watch ep 48 and 49 back to back! Otherwise the disappointment would have bothered me as much as it bothered you haha. And yes I'm hopeful too! And yes your points about him having not much opportunity to let her know makes sense! I just wish the circumstances weren't so depressing for everyone. Can't believe we only have one more day of airing to go!
  9. I've watched both episodes and I agree that On another note, does it bother anyone that
  10. While waiting for today's episodes to be loaded, I went to look for previews. I feel cheated this was supposed to be a rom-com... Sorry all my recent posts are angsty :X
  11. Watched today's episodes and watched some previews... don't even feel like sharing them anymore cos it's so depressing.
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