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  1. On 3/6/2019 at 12:38 AM, chantaljaey said:


    So can we safely say it's a hint from Taem? Coz if not... why used that word out of all the available words, eh? Don't forget Taemin is so cautious when it comes to linking his name to Naeun and now he himself even used it when everyone knows (Kpop fans) %% is by and for Apink only. So can I safely think that he was trying to say that even we don't see the bracelet anymore (on Naeun's hand), they are still fine and are going stronger, just that we continue to hold each other's hands a little more.


    Yes! I mean Taemin's eung eung, it seems an actual chat to me too!


    For international supporters.


    응 means "yes"

    응응 is used for strong and fast reply for saying "yes, yes".

    But, i use "oo"  or '응' instead of "응응".

    So, Taem's expression is strange and curious and suspicious.


    But, ,there still is a chance that he used "응응"  instead of "응" as a strong consent.

    So, for me,   ... I am not sure... 

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  2. 1 hour ago, 얀나 Yanna Navales said:









    By the way, if you check the comments on this Yahoo Japan news, we can see what Japanese think on recent issues.

    One is many Japanese fans noticed The Naeun Day occasion, T's name spelled out.

    Two, YHY's sketchbook T's piano play.


    Somewhat more down, I found this comment,


    "T, why did you sing the "Once I lived by you" in the show ? The sketchbook recording day and from the Naeun's birthday till the showcase day, you wore the red suite. You put more matching ring. Can someone tell me why ?"


    Can someone explain what this guy found out ?

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  3. Naeun's GQ Interview, Oct/24/2018


    I put this here because I think this is one of her best showing herself.


    One mistake in the translation below. So, I do it for you, international supporters.


    Q : What do you want other people not to expect from you?

    N I am not always someone who is bright, joyful, and 'up'. I'm a bit reserved, but people might misunderstand. When members are up, I maintain my composure. Even though I'm laughing along. Umm, what should I explain?


    Original :





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  4. Better Naeun Day, Ending Talk


    I thought it might be embarrassing. But, I am doing so smoothly today. I think I am now grown up. (Laugh) That is good,  right? I am expressing my feelings better these days, also to my fans. What do you think about it? (A : Great !) Though it will be even better... Sometimes, I have hard time. I wanted to cry in many oocasion. (Hesitating...) (Murmuring) (Hmmm...) But, every time... (just holding tears) This also I once told you, always I get strength from the fans' support. Letters and SNS messages you left for me. Then I look back about myself. I have this many fans supporting me. Then I come up to think why am I having hard time. I have this great support from my fans. (clearing some tears) (Audience shouts "Naeun, I love you") 


    2:07  - 2:26

    As long as you stand by me, I will be stronger and be the Son Naeun who will make you feel proud of me. (A:Waaaa) (She cries)(clearing tears and pause)



    2:38 -  3:00

    I am not such a great person, yet. Sometimes, I wonder why people love me ? Sometimes I think about this. Why do fans love me ? (laugh) I am so thankful that you continue to support me regardless of what.


    I have given nothing to you. I want to have better relationship with you. I will try to be more expressive and you please tell me everything, good or bad. Also, please express me your hearts more. Ah, I am really sad... Why am I sad ? Today is good day, right ? Ah, I maybe strange person. Cry and then, laugh. Thanks for coming to my birthday event. I will not forget today forever. I wanted to invite more fans. I didn't think this many fans turn up. There will be more events.  How to make the closing ? Let's take a photo.



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  5. Another tribute to the international supporters.


    Right before T plays the piano, this is the conversation between T and Y.


    Y : T is practice-holic and greedy. I heard you practiced a song about 40,000 times. Trainees have their assignment songs. Which song did you practice the most?

    T : I’m not lying(I am not flattering to Y, though you are the song writer) but Toy’s “once I lived by your side”. That, truly, I practiced the most. But I am not good at it. It is a really difficult song. (Audiences clapping)

    Y : Did you pick the song by yourself?

    T : It was so popular at that time among the trainees. Everyone tried the song.

    Y : Really?

    T : Really, real~ly. I thought it was made by SM. (Y laugh)

    Y : Hahaha, please continue. Then, let’s turn back our time to 14 years ago.


    Then he plays the song  with piano.


    In 2016, Feb. T was on YhY's sketchbook as a solo. But he did not mention about this song. If he wanted, he could play the song then in front of the writer of the song. If he wanted to sing the song, it should have been in 2016 or before when he was on Sketchbook before. But he did not. After many years passed, he suddenly remembers the song he has practiced more than 40k times during his trainee period. Then, why did he pick this song now ? 


    Also, during the Tumblr answer time on Feb. 11, 2019, right before YHY sketchbook recording, 


    Q: Taemin!! Do you have a favorite piano piece? Please play the piano again for us someday! ;A; We love you!

    T: The song I like to play on the piano recently is TOY’s Once I lived by your side.


    So, the song is not from his old trainee memory. It is just what he likes to play RECENTLY.

    This means, at the sketchbook, his story about the song is different from this interview.


    Which one is the truth?


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  6. To the international supporters, I tip my hat to you guys. 

    Deep appreciations to all your thoughts, considerations and analysis.

    I am surprised to the depth of your analysis and moved by your warmth. 


    Here is to you to support you, international fans.


    At her "the Naeun day" event, a boy got 10 correct answers to the "Naeun exam" and invited to come up onto stage.

    Then, he spelled out the name of the "one who we all know" accidently(?), twice.


    This is the Naeun Exam. I got the link from the web and I will remove if this is not allowed.


    <This picture is removed >


    Questions on the exam are 


    1. What is the verse of Naeun at the "1DoXX" song ?

    2. What is her sister's name ?




    Do you remember the similar exam format at  WGM Jeju-do trip ep ?

    For some reason, Nauen had similar plan for her birthday event.

    What did she have in her mind ? Who's idea was this?


    This is what T prepared for her.



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