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  1. Honestly, while I was watching the last episode and when I saw min Yu Ra not die, I always hope that the emperor would come back too. Cry again he died actually.
  2. This opinion from the random fan of the drama, Not the fan of any actors or actresses in this drama. I never one thought that Na Wang Shi is the 1st male leader. The name of the drama is the last empress. It is understandable that the emperor is the 1st male lead. As a married woman and growing in multiracialnal family, I never once feel or think that Na Wang Shi and the Empress has the chemistry (don’t kill me). It is understandable thought. You cannot change someone heart, especially the one minded like Sunny who was in love madly with the Emperour for all these years. Another part is that Na Wang Shi has only 3 months to live. The last two episode might be about the first two episodes of Na Wang Shi( if he not die). I don’t mean to make fun of the overweight people. Please don’t forget how Na Wang shi was like before. If no revenge, the emperor dies or be punished, no point of stay in shape, eat a lot and turn to be the old Na Wang Shi. Some people got upset because CJH won’t be in the last two episodes because he had a schedule conflict. I am sure that you are mad because you want to see CJH or the character Na Wang Shi and the story of the drama. For me, I watch the drama, not much of the name of the actors or actresses. I admit that all actors and actresses in this drama are super cool and good. They portray their characters so well. Cheer up! To the end “the last empress”
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