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  1. Saw some videos of them leaving the hospital,this papz ahh...their kind of thirsty affff....being a popular celebrity is really hard sometimes,,, all eyes on you.. Hope they got home safe.
  2. Congratulations again to the new parents and to their familiesas well and hope that we can also take a glance to their little fsf.(wonder who he looks like)..hope our yingbao is also ok,heard she go for a CS...(sending love to her,hope she nurture her body well and can comeback with a healthy,happy and fresh Li ying on the screen soon.)
  3. Ohh...finally,congratulations to our lovely couple and welcome to the world little angel,,hope they also show us his face hihi...Im so happy for them.. Tears of joy...
  4. Haha same here, also on twitter/IG and here...hoping to catch a good news hihi....tmrw is my bday already and Im here praying that she'll give birth the date same as mine..lol(nevermind me)
  5. Oh yeah, oh yeah...this is a good news congratulations, looking forward for her new projects...yey....still excited for her baby delivery
  6. I finally finished it all...it has been a smooth and rough journey watching TSOM, ( this was my 2nd historical cdrama that I religiously fallowed every ep after PA.) I love this drama, so many lessons learned after watching it,love all the characters from antagonist to protagonist,each artist executed their roles very well and made us feel them, love them, hate them. I wont say that ZLY was overshadowed by others, coz every characters have their own designated roles. Most memorable scene to me that made me cry somuch is when Young Minglan mother dies..and at ship crying with GM arms.and also rong er finally calling ML' Mother. GrandMa and Minglan's love and care for each other is such a beautifull life. Love the bonding relationship of ml and rulan on the first half of the drama.Daniang's meme face is such a funny and entertaining scene, I like how it ended up, all family are there, except daniang..ML's wish "a peacefull life,a safe and sound family"have been granted.A loving, caring and understanding husband.and a cute lovely son.( Im a bit sad coz they dnt have much bonding as a family in the end.) Thank you also for the producers, directors,writters and to all hardworking staffs and crews behind this beautifull drama this year.I will be rewatching this with my sister after resuming my lost sleeps.( having a 3-4 hrs sleep for 1.5 mnts is not healthy at all). I ddnt joined the discussion much but I enjoyed reading everyone's opinion.thank you to all and God bless you all.and to my fellow cp shippers lets discuss again on the cp thread.
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