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  1. Ops shjfan23 was juz teasing u haha.. but wow.. it will be cool to see your *erhm..hmm* virgin drama thread under 'hot topics'... heee... oh wait chakaman - i don even know if i have got time to play at the drama thread wawaa~~ So did anyone of u watch jtbc's popular drama 'Sky Castle'?? Was youtubing awhile ago n had to do a double take - one of the actress in Sky Castle: (KBS Entertainment Weekly) feel like Han SeGye should get a Baeksang Fashionista Award ops! ok chill..juz kidding ya -------‐-------------- dramabeans IG: Omo...'eye candy' ..mmm... LifesLikeThat u make me feel like rewatching yummy tvN's Coffeefriends again... heee.. (ya ya referring to the yummy food hahaha)
  2. Ehhh... ooiyoo.. u sound like .. my big fan haha~ -> u wanna eat me for Supper (ah juz teasing - i am still trying to get used to your unique way of quoting usernames) Oh Gosh talk about fan u feeling the heat lately ya? Come letz steal uri queen's fan (plus that assistant to help carry the fan for us heeee...) Ig source: Ahhh-ha! Caught u @LifesLikeThat . Heh heh~~ Heee.. @shjfan23 after u mentioned her infinite challenge guesting i saw this IG post: *whisper* letz get used to uri rocco queen turned pretty 'serious' seonsaengnim Cto: Ok..Juz saw another article with similar contents - not 100% confirmed. It mentioned they looking forward to see them teaming up for this project - a strong pairing. https://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/115910 Special mention on their roles in 'The Beauty Inside' have touched hearts of viewers. Have a Good Good Friday all! (long weekend over here!!)
  3. Wow comfirmed? Omo.. we should get our @shjfan23 to create the drama thread heee (ok ok shjfan23 - juz pulling your leg ya - no pressure). Oh i have juz check Soompi news but there r no updates yet? *whisper* ah.. o..kay...u sound like ...my fan hahaa... ops...juz teasing u ..don vomit ya (mmm.. me too.. miss my gifs hahaaa... ) Oh @LifesLikeThat don tell me u didnt take notice coz ..the actor is not hot enough *sigh* O..kay @SweetLullaby if the male lead not that hot then i will juz settle for cuties side characters *erhm...mmm* (since it is a school setting hahaa - jk jk) --------- another fan of uri queen: Cto ("My ID is Gangnam Beauty" female lead)
  4. Uh oh poke uncle Google -> "lets have a shark2" ...hahaha... say No to shark (fins) Mmm.. *nod head* seems like it has a 'serious' theme - not those typical school dramas according to what hyunjinlight translated The chinese fans are seo super hyped now!!: lots of discussions https://m.weibo.cn/status/4362485949746679 Itz cool to have a woman centric drama - both are super power acting plus both have won acting awards. *whisper super softly* o..kay... i confess - i m hoping for some hottie male lead for uri queen (cross fingers) Pardon me - been watching one tvN drama after another...heeee(cough~~)
  5. Quote: @LifesLikeThat Just read that HJ has been offered the lead role in Black Dog from the below ig account, apparently it's on Naver. Can someone please confirm. --------- woohoo!! Another OHY ops i mean another tvN drama!!! http://m.beffreport.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=59177 Seo Hyunjin side "TVN 'Black Dog" proposed and proposed under review "(official position) Article approval 2019.04.18 17:57:51 - Seo Hyun-jin to return to the theater in a year after 'Beauty Inside' Actor Seo Hyun-jin positively examines TVN's new drama 'Black Dog' / Photo: JTBC On the 18th (today) afternoon, a management official of the management company said, "Seo Hyun Jin is in the process of positively reviewing TVN new drama 'Black Dog'". Seo Hyun-jin is known to have been offered a non-career teacher who has no experience in 'Black Dog'. 'Black Dog' is going to draw a plain and unfamiliar school story. 'My Secret Hotel', '38th Gwangdeokdae' Hwang Jun-hyuk PD has been told that Park Joo-yeon writes a script by holding a megaphone. If Seo Hyun - jin 's appearance is confirmed, it will return to the Braun tube after about one year since JTBC' Beauty Inside 'last year. It is worth noting that he will return to the house theater with 'Black Dog'. On the other hand, Seo Hyun-jin, who has turned into an actor after his debut as a Girl Group Milk, has been a member of the drama 'The Gods' Dinner', 'Oh Gyongryong Goes',' Let's Have a Shark 2 ',' Ohhae Young 'and' Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu ' It received a favorable reception. Hi-5 @samaf
  6. Gahh... @Sejabin u made me logged in again I am posting 3 parodies of Ariana Grande's 7 Rings for u "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah)" And wow.. i like this latest remix 'Close to Me' by Ellie Goulding n Red Velvet: ok chill.. gotta fly off (again hahaa)
  7. u know why i dont post at the add sub thread? hahahaha... Coz i m very visual hahaaa... can only see your beer belly hahaha Ok ok let me see Ahhh.. mmm.. u must must must eat MORE Veggies!
  8. Busy at Shaolin-si yo @Sejabin ..super busy yo Edit. Oh wait ... chakaman... hey hey hey... super unfair yo! - u are a member of that what what Abs club ... tsk... and u sent me to the monastery eat veggies ...hmph!! U better join me eat veggies too -- coz u (said u ) r FAT.
  9. seo seo heartwarming to hear about uri queen's kind gesture (ya i saw the news about the Korea wildfires a few days ago - gosh it is declared a national disaster #prayforkorea). ================ Erhmm.. pardon me chingus -> my hands too itchy while doing some research for my work project - yap something related to carsharing hahaha --> Ended up exploring Socar's website/facebook and App ......: Btw.. after watching 3 tvN romance dramas in row -- i... i... cant help it -- been dreaming of seeing uri RomCom Queen in another **cough cough** tvN romance drama .. ops... ok ok chill - juz daydreaming o..kay better focus on my work... *tsk... my brain getting fried* (slaps forehead)
  10. I hope the drama will do good. And that way I won't regret in making an advance booking for this. 2019 is around at the coener. I can't believe we almost end 2018. Cheers to more fun dramas!  Juz flying in to pull @triplemto one side: erhm..mmm.. wherez uri stargazer187 huh? ------------------------ yap some latest updates: terrific tues to all!
  11. Eeeyahhh... ok ok ... i give up -> let u win ...tsk... Monastery ya? mmmm.. ok ok my favourite Shaolin Si: (replying to u live at Shaolin Si) (Cr to yourself sister) Too late - i already checked in Shaolin Si ...hmphh!! (oh... dat means i aint got time to entertain u here anymore ah..ok take note - dont tag me anymore ah... ok? Ok) (Sorray sister sejabin if u take forever to load my post - i did follow Soompi posting rules horh)
  12. Orh - hoh... Orhhhh - hoh!! sister - u are 'shooting' @triplem + All her Abs club members ..tsk...tsk "ow..owooo.." O..kay.. no more abs - now i m super addicted to your boob~~ "ahh..choo!" Boobib stickers *dum~~* O..kay.. sorray to all chingus here for the boobib spam - i m juz entertaining the 'lonely heart' of uri sejabin *cough~~* chill! Happy wed for all touch... touch... Touch Your Heart fans !! Tata!
  13. orh..hoh..hoh... sister!! err.. cant blame me for keeping those towels ...wawawaaa ~~ touch me like u do... touch touch touch me like u do... what are u waiting for? (Ops pardon me... juz singing my favourite karaoke song) **flies off quickly**
  14. Yes sister! I am turning over a leaf now *wink* Come and sing with me ... er... at the nunnery ah not monastery ...tsk... (monastery -> i ... i... cannot focus) i will follow... him... Oh wait chakaman... are u opening a Karaoke Club at Soompi??
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