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  1. I'm slowly catching up on last week's episodes. Honestly if CJH weren't in this show I'm not sure if I'd stick with it. Everyone is just so creepy and immoral. I guess that's a testament to the casting department and the acting of everyone involved. I was actually kind of happy (and surprised it took so long) for Chul Ki (was that his name, the guy the TK had to get out of jail). I couldn't figure out why Song kept him around for so long because he seemed like a liability. That feeling quickly passed when he was replaced by Tak's even creepier character, as well as Cho Hyun Woo. I have been impressed with CJH's acting in this show, I sometimes feel as though he's trying to over emote during angry scenes. In this show though he's been pleasantly more restrained. I'm looking forward to how things progress with the investigation now that TK and SYA are solidly working together.
  2. I have only watched the first half of episode 5 so far and was getting super creepy vibes from this character - even though he was kind of presented as a compassionate leader. Good to know that I wasn't reading that situation incorrectly. The balloon scene with the child was so weird - I assume it will be explained at some point. I also with agree with you that LTK really needs to get it together, and get a better poker face around SWY. He knows weird stuff is going on, so I hope he listens to the prosecutor and start helping her investigation. Can anyone explain the Jungjin plant visit/eating scenes? It seemed like they were playing a trick by asking to go out for the meal, but I'm not sure what that trick was. Did they plant the files they needed? I liked the scene when LTK went to check up on the prosecutor, was kind of hoping he'd run up to her apartment when she didn't turn on the lights right away. What can I say, I enjoy serious shows, but like then even more when they have a side romance plot.
  3. I have to admit that I'm confused by what happened in the first episode too. Especially the opening sequence - was Choi Jin Hyuk covered in blood because he killed the thugs that killed his brother? Otherwise here's my take on what I saw, though I fully admit I'm biased to CJH, and hoping that he's not fully bad. In order to find out what happened to his brother, LTK teamed up with SWY - and in return does SWY's dirty work as a lawyer. Doing this dirty work seems to be taking a toll on LTK - hence the heavy drinking, and then being revolted by the older men's actions with the younger women at the bar. LTK acts tough on the exterior and is pretty horrible to people (see his interaction with the assault survivor after the trial), but on the inside is revolted by his own actions. I'm confused by the burial location scene- was he saying goodbye to his brother because he wants to not be reminded of all the bad things he's done? Where I think (hope) this is going - Nana's character is going to show LTK the link between the actress being killed and his brother's death. He's going to team up with her to expose some kind of prostitution ring. LTK already knows about shady real estate dealings/political connections so I feel it must be something more going on to disgust him even more.
  4. @thistle I'm pretty sure it's because Bom (봄 spring) Bam (밤 night) sounds cute in Korean. Bom Achim just isn't quite much of a play on words. That's my take on it anyway.
  5. So looking forward to tomorrow (tonight?), guess it depends where you live. I've been in a bit of a lull - with only one or two shows that I'm actively following, so Justice will add something new to the rotation. Even if it's bad there will be CJH to look at .
  6. That's how I interpreted that scene as well. She's questioning how Gi-Seok could possibly see a romantic future for them, even if by chance she were no longer with Ji-Ho.
  7. Forgot to add - Ji-Ho was looking foxy when he went to meet Gi-Seok, and during the last pharmacy scene. Also liked Jeong-In's white striped dress.
  8. So happy I watched the preview and the pharmacy make-up scene before the full episode. Some random thoughts: -JHI acting drunk and pitiful was pretty spot on, Ji-Ho looked so distraught. - I had a giggle when Jeong-In got home and had to deal with another drunken man. - Again with JHI's acting skills at coffee and with the patents -he has the " I'm about to break into tears" look down. - About 3/4s of the way through the episode I didn't think we'd get to see any other characters - then Jae-Jae. I'd watch their spinoff! - HS is worst gossip. -Ugh to Gi-Seok- why has he not been reported for stalking, though I guess that's what Ji-Ho was threatening him with doing. - How cute were pharmacy Noona and the co-worker giggling gleefully. - Finally yay to the preview, looks like relationship trials are over.
  9. Haha, I quite enjoyed that scene too. Way better than some of the oddly placed "shower" scenes that sometimes appear for no purpose except ogling on the part of the viewer. I like the PMG is confident about the way he looks without being too egotistical about it. Also, I don't think they want us to watch it innocently.
  10. @philosophie @rainy12 I started a rewatch - in the second episode there was a translator's note re the fish tank manager analogy - "Someone who flirts aroud". PMG then says he'd like to swim into her fish tank, and so long as she feeds the tank well and gives him a bit of bait regularly he'll survive. A few episodes later I remember her asking him some personal questions about his health, financial status etc and she phrased them as "management questions" as she looks after her aquarium. They also joke with his colleague/employee that he used to have a fish tank - i.e. he'd go around flirting with lots of girls, maybe at the same time, but not have anything serious going on. For all of their joking about it, I don't see that anyone else has been remotely close to sharing aquarium space with him.
  11. Hi @thistle I interpreted the BTM/PMG relationship a little bit differently than you. For all the talk of managing the "fish tank", I never got the impression that BTM was playing games with PMG just to keep him on the hook. I feel that she sometimes doesn't realise how hurtful she's being, but once she gets called on it she thinks it over and changes her behaviour to take his feelings into account. For example when she wasn't responding to his texts because she was busy - she clarified with him that is wasn't because she didn't want to talk to him and that going forward she wouldn't be able to respond to every single text but would make an effort to call regularly. So far I've found their communication to be pretty good - well at least he's good, he brings up topics that are bothering him - and for her part she digests what he's saying and responds. While I do feel she takes a bit of a step back every time a new challenge or difference of opinion arises, I don't see that as a power play. Either he's willing to move a the snail's pace with her making small incremental steps or he's not - and so far he seems willing.
  12. Inquiring minds want to know - what is the cube appliance (product placement I'm sure) in Jeong-In's apartment? It's a white cube with an aqua/green ring. An air filter? Looks like maybe her parents also had one next to the hot water dispenser, though their's was all white.
  13. So just finished skimming through the episode with no subs. Here's what I gleaned - not sure on the accuracy. - Lots of flashbacks to when Scarlet and SKK were in high school - Scarlet was beating up some boys that were about to assault KK when one of the guys hit her with a stick and hurt her shoulder - hence she couldn't continue her Judo career. -KK's husband goes to a racetrack (I suppose he sponsors some cars?) she shows up to pretend to be a loving wife, everyone including him is shocked. -Scarlet goes to the hospital and sees the lousy two timing boyfriend. Happens to go to a room with the actor from her daytime soap. This next part I'm surmising, could be totally wrong, Scarlet gets pissed off that his character is going to be written out of the show, she goes to the set to talk to director/producer, convinces them to keep the guy in the show, actor seems happy with her. (again totally guessing here. - Onto the OTP: 1. PMG shows up at BTM's office when she's working late. She keeps getting distracted by his sexy self, but represses her feelings and instead says she'll drive him home - at his place he gets out of the car, but she clearly wants more. 2. Next day BTM is at dinner with Brian when PMG calls, Brian says to invite him along. Brian is quizing them when the marriage question we saw in the preview happens, they answer differently then each explain their view point. BTM thinks about this - then the next time they meet they have a long conversations, where I think she decides they should break up. 3. Sometime later (maybe that night) PMG is waiting outside her apartment, seems as though he suggests they should pretend to be strangers again. They go to the arcade, I think she wins this time, then they go for drinks to talk. He PMG is escorting BTM - they have a discussion on the status of the relationship which we saw part of in the preview - BTM still decides to go into her apartment alone. 4.About two seconds later she goes flying out to run after him. She gets to the elevator and presses the button, the doord open immediately and he's still in it. They stare at each other, the doors close again, BTM presses the button again. The doors open again, they stare some more, but before the doors can close again PMG asks "it's on right?", she nods and he comes flying out of the elevator to kiss her. The end. -Previews - lots of the OTP looking couply. Nothing else stood out without subs.
  14. @Chellsee Thanks for the photos. Whoa that outfit is doing double duty Man, Jeong-In is going to have quite the day - based on the outfit she's going to: 1. Meet Eun-u and mother in law at work 2. Be given a ring by Gi-Seok 3. Go home and commiserate with her sister re the ring 4. Go on a date with Ji-Ho, possibly to meet his family.
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