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  1. Its drama special from ftly director who right now direct the clowned prince...the drama title is old goodbye...very nice story... i hope director will do special drama between jnr and ssr...like they do with jang hyuk and jang nara....
  2. Hahahah...i only watch kdrama once a year...and i only watch if jang nara on it...(im her fan) heheheeh...but if the review okay, i will try to watch other kdrama...but i can count the total of kdrama i watch nowadays since im not into lovey-dovey plot...hahahaha...so the last empress will be my best kdrama of the year... normally if the drama is too long..i will skip it...but last empress always make me anxious every weeks...so next week and so on a will be my rest week..since i dont have any interesting kdrama to watch....heheheheh
  3. I lOve how this drama end..even its heartbreaking and so sad to watch...pd done a great job to end it with spectacular footage....Brilliant...superb acting by Jang nara, shin sung rok and of course choi jin hyuk who bring life to this messy plots...hehehe but i love every episodes..its so thrilling...different from other drama shown nowaday...ots like sageuk conflict in modern drama..its different...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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