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  1. I kinda saw this coming. I knew MRF was going to join the dark side and all, but I thought he was undercover. I can't believe he's blaming the Most Manor on Buqi after knowing everything she went through and how he was the one who brought her into the capital in the first place. I think MRF has already had a tragic background, and psychologically affect in a way where he is obsessed with the idea of wealth and how wealth is importance to survival. But I didn't see this coming since I thought MRF, despite his flaws was more compassionate. Anyways, what is the relationship between DFS and CY, I mean we know from the trailer previously that the Mysterious Man takes BQ to the well and DFS and CY chase after him. Is CY near where the wedding takes place? Is a witnessing the wedding? Was he trying to come stop the wedding? Does DFS know that he has to sacrifice BQ, because it looks like he has genuine feelings for her, and from some of the other trailers DFS seems to know a bit about the Biluotian. Maybe DFS and CY formed a pact. Maybe that's why they faked CY's death too. Who knows.... I just am too impatient for the rest of episodes to come out.
  2. I am very easily obsessed with this type of drama. I only watched up to episode 30 with eng subs, but with so many spoilers, I am so lost right now. Going back when CY falls into the well, I think that happens around late 40s episodes. From episode 35-40 I think it's mainly going to focus on the relationship between the love square. And also the scene where BQ gets abducted into the caves. But I am seriously confused with the scene where BQ is in chains and CY refuses to touch her and is on the same side as DFS. How are they on the same side? Is CY being manipulated? Are CY and DFS planning something together, and not involving BQ in it for her safety? Is it before the well scene or after? SO many questions, so little patience, can't believe I have to wait till March 07th to understand the full story. I don't know Chinese, so I'm forced to watch ep 31-35 RAW and spoil everything for myself on the forums. SO pitiful.....I wish all the episodes came at once...Or I wish I just didn't know about this drama until March. But personally I don't think CY is going to die, because at one point in the theme song he comes back as the Lotus Robe Knight, and after ep 35, I don't think that he is going to play the part of a carefree hero anytime soon with the circumstances around the MIngyue Family, BQ, and the Biluotian. So it makes sense that around the ending he comes back as the Lotus Robe Knight to surprise BQ in a sort of happy ending kind of way. Otherwise, I don't think there is any other way to explain that scene.
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