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  1. @lyserose Honestly, I was very lonely watching Yanxi bc all of the comments kept trashing QL so I was just there like That is exactly the reason why i got so invested in them (forget the whole 'enemies to lovers' trope which is pretty popular in many stories) they were always equal intellectually and that was the most fun thing to see. And the fact that they weren't equals because QL allowed them to but because YL herself made them equal. Yes, they both messed up big time with each other but even they understood (with time) that they have to trust one and another, and when they did ... truly nobody could stop them. They played pranks on each other and know each other so well that 1. QL didnt feel animosity towards Fuheng no longer by the end, 2. YL made QL have a taste of his own medicine with 'wanting attractive eunuchs to be at her palace' bc he was oggling a dancer. Indeed that is what happened. Many even asks "Why is he so obsessed with YL when he has so many women already?" it was as if many could NOT fanthom QL falling in love (for quite honestly the second time in his life) instead of agreeing to political marriages for his nation. I don't know maybe it was me who didn't mind him being petty (in some cases) because I am petty myself so it was funny too how YL always won on their personal battles even when he was petty. There was also a lot of talks in the comments of Viki about how 'old' the emperor was and How Very Dare He to look at YL?! It was funny seeing people lie through their teeth calling Nie Yuan 'an ugly old man' and saying how much better Fuheng was like boy didnt literally introduced himself as the 'Not All Men' dude from the 1700s and sided with a rapist bc he Thought that is what YL needed. For me neither man was perfect, one just had more years and experience on political matters than the other. Anyways, it truly was one heck of a love story ride for me, as someone who loves long political romantic stories like these (War & Peace being quite literally my favorite book) I'm sadden that I won't be able to read the novel since I do not know Chinese. But the show in itself it's a masterpiece and now together in my top 3 with My Mister and Goblin.
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first time using this forum (created it because I really wanted to talk about this show and get recs of others too!) I recently finished Yanxi (I quite literally binged it in a little less than 7 days, somehow both of my eyes still work!) and I had been lurking through this because I really have nobody to talk to about it. Most of my friends hate these kind of dramas so I am reluctant to even mention it. I loved so many things about the show, I think the intro song is stuck in my head forever. The cinematography was gorgeous, the set design was stunning and the plot was so addicting! I had never watched a show this long but here I am! My favorite characters were Wei Yingluo and Qianlong/Hongli. I think I am the odd man out here because not many like him (according to the comments on Viki). I loved him even and symphatized with him (way more than with Fuheng, against all odds!). I almost got in a fight while reading the comments on viki to defend him! I loved the ending, even though I tried to avoid spoiling myself by episode 44 I got impatient and googled with whom she ends up with. The twists and turns of the show were incredible and 85% were unexpected for me so that's good story telling! Anyways, I hope someone is still on this thread because I would love to talk to people who like Yanxi! I also plan to start watching Hao Lan bc of Nie Yuan and Wu Jin Yan on screen chemistry (but I will be commenting on the thread of Hao Lan don't worry @jadecloud!) Ps: While lurking I tended to agree on a lot of things with @ChloeR and @lyserose
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