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  1. @O NJ has always been a puching bag from the beginning.. He was raised to take on everyones misfortune as if it was his own sort of a way to be accepted since he has been look down upon due to his upbringing.. I don't think NJ will ever man up and look out for himself like the way SJ would like him to.. He still feels that he owes everyone even more so now afterl earning that SH is his bio mom and all the horrible deeds she has done to maintain her so called love to the one man she has ever loved..
  2. I have watch this drama three time already and with each time I watch it gets better and funnier.. Love when Shitou tells Gu Ting Ye (Them people from there have come) WTF
  3. @shamrockmomj I say throw NJ in jail to.. He needs to be lock up for GP trying to carrier the burden of everbody luggage.. SJ should dump him she'll be better off.
  4. @O I have questioned her relationship with the father from the beginning of this drama.. In my opinion she seduced the father and took liberties with him in a one night stand that resulted into NJ.. Over heavy drinking.. She thought to sleep her way into the riches and realized that didn't work upon going into labor before the wife did really one don't hve to question her intentions her actions spoke for themselves.. No wonder G/pa never bought her act.. It's no telling what all she did to try and enter that family and he didn't budge before the son died.. She kidnap Sw as punishment to the family but it has backfired and became punishment to her.. SH biggest karma is to have her own son hating her and the son she loved and cherrished so much dispise her.. I must say if her and their father was so in love she wouldn't have threw away the love child just to raise the legitimate heir.. Her love child could have also help her accomplish her footing in that family.. SH is just a greedy golddigger turning herself in she coukd also be covering up more of what she's hiding..
  5. Boy I'm loving this writer this person has really twisted this story.. SH trying to commit suicide because her hold card has been exposed.. She thinks by doing this she can gain pity from both boys and save her face.. I still say rip her mask off for all of her little click to see just what type of women she is.. I still don't think NJ dad was in love with her like she claim there love was.. We all know NJ has a big heart but for hi to take pity I hope not.. She should get no sympathy from both boys regardless if she did raise Sw.. He didn't ask for it her twisted greed is really scary
  6. To be honest I don't see how NJ and Sw could ever forgive SG for what she's done but on the bright side of things both boys can be rid of the vile spawn.. Sw grew up being hated by his G/pa, She has used him in a way it's all about her even if NJ would have gotten the company it still would have been in her favor.. I say sue her and send her to jail withiut a get all of jai free card.. @shamrockmom Yes we understand the meaning of the song.. I some how think SH and NJ dad was never really a hot and heavy item.. I sonehow think it was just a one nightstand..
  7. WTF, I need to warch this, How is NJ SH son wasn't his DNA tested to G/pa.or was it tesyed to his own bio mom.. What is really going on. Off to watch and see what I can figure out until subs come out
  8. I'm beginning to wonder now whats SH real game, Now knowing that Sw could really be another G/child of G/pa making him and NJ half brothers, I think SH was going to use Sw to win that company over and may kick him out in the end.. SH is a women scorned knowing that the boys father had a wife and a women on the side that she fitted no where in his heart as he only seen her as a collegue.. I think she would have told Sw that I raised you up until now I owe you nothing and it's your father that owes me.. SH is more then capable of something like this.. I like to see NJ and Sw team up and sue the pants off her all she has stolen taken away from her and given back to it's rightful owners.. How stupid can JA be to allow this women to take advantage of her after all NJ has done for her.. Ja is playing a dangerous game by letting SH use her like no tomorrow.. If Sw wants nothing to do with her if he finds out how SH used her to pressure NJ to help him I would say no better for her take his child and leave her she's another opportunist waiting for the time to come to jump at if it would benefit her.. I just don't picture her taking care of a sick man for the rest of her life..
  9. Well the black hearted women stole not only one son but 2. I knew she wasn't to be trusted from the beginning. I had always said she and NJ father was never in some kind of romantic engagment. It was her with a onesided crush.. When Nj was born from the clip that they showed in the earlier episode his dad was very happy and quoted that NJ was the awaited child that all was expectantly waiting for his arrival..
  10. Thanks @gerrytan8063 For the enlightenment.
  11. I'm also confused about the history of LG, LG was the only prince in line to the thone after his older brother passed away which he ws supposed to have been apart of his death.. Giving the sickness older brother had he was alergic to shell fish also which LG brought back from China for him to try and this is supposed to be how his older brother died.. It has been said his mom had more then one son from the king.. She had like 3 or 4 boys from him plus a couple of daughters, one daughter was taken into the palace to be raised as a princess.. Okay @gerrytan8063 My fellow historian please enlighten me..
  12. No @shamrockmom You pretty much summed it up.. I'm kind of leaning more towards the fact that there was a switcharoo.. I think BCS gave his child to SH to raise and have a better life giving the facts of how him and YSJ really had no means to raise there child in such a lifestyle but it was ok to raise a child that wasn't theres in such and enviroment wouldn't have no affect on him.. If Nj was really related to him he would have check on his child but no he didn't.. I think he had always knew how to get in contact with SH just never said a word.. I still believe YSJ knows more the what she's claiming.. Just as she told G/pa the lie she didn't know where BCS was and had no contact with him after he drop infant NJ off.. Well as we learned she knew he was in jail and before he went he had been in contavt with her to get money from her that NJ work hard for.. I say lock em all up including YSJ.. YSJ is more of a kidnapper then the others.. Yes I don't think Sw and Nj would be compatible but giving this writer I could see this happening that they are compatible but still no relation also becoming halfbrothers because of YSJ rasinig NJ and him donating his liver to Sw if he does turn out to be YSJ undead child.. How much more havoc from these people NJ will have to recieve.. First steal his life then his parents rob him of his G/pa now they want his liver.. Whats next his heart..
  13. Thanks everyone for your help but I keep getting lock account.. I'm waiting for the help desk to assit me .. @calledtoteach Now thats and interesting thought but thats not going to fly.. NJ has been tested as G/pa biologicalG/child.. I don't think SH ever had kids at all.. If Sw isn't BCS and YSJ child the only option left is SH stole Sw from the orphanage where she frequent all the time.. I think Lawyer Heo got further instruction on this or more of G/pa's last will needs to be read at a certain time
  14. Hello Everyone. I just about had it.. I can't retrieve my old account back and don't like my full name on display like this.. Anyone have any idea how to change my display name I've tried everything and it still comes back to my full name.. It's a hedache. Yes it's me sava2sava.. I think Sw might be kidnapper 1 and 2 son Sh is desperate now.. SH is thinking get NJ to save Sw he'll do it because of the fact that kidnapper 2 raised NJ..As Nj always thinks she took him in when he had no place to go.. I think agreeing to saving Sw life is his way to payback the debt he thinks he owes.. I have been saying he don't understand the meaning of kidnapping and he owes none of these people anything.. Now if the shoes was on the other foot no way will Sw be even contimplating giving his liver to Nj even if he is his half brother.which I still don't think he is.. Sh will play the card if he turns out to be kidnapper 1 and 2 son I raised him better then you could have look at NJ is a proven fact.. In return let Sw inherot the company and I'll pay you handsomely for the rest of your lives and I think kidnapper 2 will go for it.. @jayakris It's not far fetched. Yes I think SH did a switcharoo and stole YSJ child and replacing him with a dead one.. As of todays episode the Doc has confirm that there blood match levels are two low to be related and lawyer Heo being the smart cookie he is asking the housekeeper for SH and Sw toothbrushes and hairs to do a DNa test which I think he'll also test Sw to Nj and G/pa but Nj isn't really needed for this.. I knew that G/pa left his DNa available just for something like this after he's gone.. This is why SH never press the issue about NJ DNA being retested, Now you see why I had really question was they really related and she could have stolen him to.. SH wanted to live a chobeol lifestyle no matter the cost.. I think G/pa also knew that Sw was no relation to him.. Well now what will happen to the inheritence I could see NJ letting Sw keep part of the money because he'll see it as all his fault for being born looking at densed he is but SH on the other hand should be sued and taken to the cleaners.. She used her onesided crush for a married man and a tolen child to try and hang on to the relationship which I still thinks she had something to do with his accident.. I still think SH stole the baby from the orphange
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