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  1. Exactly my thoughts. Cant wait for the episodes today hopefully drama God will give us a better satisfactory in this all love triangle thingy hahaha if you have a scene you want to be translated i can try to help my Chinese wasnt 100 accurate but generally right.
  2. I am just excitedly waiting for a scene where he actually make a clear line. Obviously currently he still phoning Anna like a lover and not stopping all Anna love confession. Clearly not just pure friends. Hopefully we can have CJX not being a 3rd party for once. She truly deserve more than that. I feel anyone can do anything to sabotage your life but you should own your own life, choosing to let Anna doing what she wants without stopping her is technically means you choose to let her to be around your life. Its not really just Anna fault but both choice to do so.
  3. I don't see it that way, honestly i dont care much about what Anna did, she is branded as awful anyway. XY could have draw a clear line there that nothing will ever happen, dont do this. If he is pitying Anna and guide her for the first year then still make sense but its been 3 years. Either u like her or you don't. It will be until everyone can let go before they two can be just purely friends, obviously Anna didnt. Also really you dont invite ex girlfriend to a family dinner unless you are still on, there is no excuse why it happens, XY could have said no (chinese culture). He know clearly the other party is thinking something else and he doesn't stop it, it means you are leading people on. Being kind is one thing being wishy washy is another. If he can't handle Anna this past 3 years, he doesn't have the right to bother CJX at all, he cant be responsible for that feeling anyway. I have to agree Anna looks like real ballerina, i do think she is perfect for the role.
  4. They are actually being together ambiguously..XY invite Anna for his family reunion dinner (you dont invite mere friends to this event). When he meet CJX he is still with Anna, buying her swan gift for her ballet opening. He tried to finish his overseas meeting quickly and go home to see Anna ballet opening and Anna repeatedly called to check on XY and missing him. XY keep promising to come home soon for her and yet breaking the promise. And one scene at CJX home when they are talking and Anna called and CJX asking if its Anna and he cant say anything and left knowing he is again hurting CJX. I mean really, you didnt know? I know Anna is despicable but i think XY cant make up his mind and hurting CJX again and again is more despicable. He mention he feels responsible for Anna injury, really???? He is again like Anson said repeating the same mistake 3 yrs ago, keep on telling himself he needs to go but repeatingly still tugging CJX feeling. I have finish until ep 30 yesterday and its sooo frustrating knowing in fact he still doesnt understand who he actually likes. Ahhhhhh...for this reason I thought Korean version one slightly better. I just hope he resolved Anna issue first before even starting again with CJX..because i wont really enjoy the main OTP knowing she is actually the 3rd party yet again @@ why o why
  5. Now i remember why i like FTLY but not Ethan Ruan role, this is why. I just dont think he deserve the love thats all. He should just stay with Anna, get married and not stirring CJX feeling and let her be happy with someone who truly only loves her. Now i get why ep 31 CJX feeling silly and sad and called XY as liar. He somewhat is one. Saying one thing and doing another thing hahaha.
  6. I am watching ep 27, and was very frustrated with XY. I mean i understand Anna swapping the document is awful but XY wishy washy attitude really is the main main problem. From the start he is the one breaking the heart of two women. Cannot decide what he wants. After CJX left, he still linger around loving CJX but why still leading Anna and letting her to stay around him? I just find him despicable really. Its true she chooses to be like that, but you shouldn't have given her any hope or chance. You should just say no and no. But inviting her for a family reunion dinner? Really? Is this really the right definition of being nice or just wishy washy? If you want to give Anna a chance then stop lingering around CJX memories. Be a man. Geez i like this series so much but the main role just keep making me like and dislike him back and forth.