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  1. Hubby :: Hey hon, you said LSH is the smartest kid in his class right? Me :: Yup. Hubby :: You're sure? Me :: Yes. Wae? Hubby :: Huh. He signed the underworld oath with her name clearly there, yet he didn't catch it that she was the same new girl in his class? Me :: Wait what? (*Hubby showed me the paused screen (EP2 minute 33:23) to show it's Lim Ju Kyung on paper*) Huh, it is LJK. Wow, I can't believe you actually notice that. Hubby :: I can't believe you didn't. You watched it like what, 5 times? Me :: 4 and I'm not ashamed of it And since when you can read hangu
  2. A delightful 1st episode. I don't read the webtoon, hence I'm completely clueless , which is better because I won't be burdened with expectation to follow webtoon. Just gonna enjoy the drama as it goes. And as if I'm not already love MGY, she's nailed it as IJK. She is so freaking cute, a little clumsy and a kind-hearted person - makes me easier to root for her as IJK is so relatable. She only started wearing makeup because she doesn't want to be bullied, so she can fit in at school, whereas in her real life, she is completely okay with her looks, heck she even had this confidence to confess h
  3. MGY is my girl crush! She's so talented. She was so delightful in Find Me In Your Memory (she made bimbo-type person likeable lol - if you know what I mean, I was rooting so hard for her in FMIYM) and The Great Seducer. And with EunWoo! What a visual. Can't wait!
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