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  1. They did! Adult JH wears matching ring as JS (I noticed when adult JH is patting young JH's shoulder). On a separate note, I know both of them are happily married in RL, but YJT & LBY look ridiculously good together, you can't help to ship them for real (if they are both single). Both elegant & adorable , what an eye-candy couple.
  2. Oh my heart is full! One of the best drama I've watched. They properly tied up the ends. Although 1 week ago I wished for SK & ex-hub to rot, I'm glad that writer chose to have a decent closure for these 2. I also like that both kids are shaped as understanding teenagers as opposed to broken, in a way telling audience that if divorces are handled carefully/in a civilised manner between the adults, we can avoid from sacrificing/compromising the children's lives. So beautiful so heartwarming, young romance was full of hope and sunshine while the adult relationship is grounded, f
  3. Nope. Sigh.. Guess we have to wait until later when the raw comes out. Now I'm just relying on twitter and ig for #화양연화 clips/screencaps. Urgh~ I'm not that patient. I hope they give us satisfying ending, by that I mean kisses. Haha
  4. Final episode! Happy ending please!! Can somebody pm me the link to watch ? The usual link not working . Thanks!
  5. Gosh! Ex-husband has now sunk to the new low. That guy is a trash! Yaaa!!! I want nothing but to see him lose big time! He and SK can marry each other and forever be in misery together! Yaaaa!!!!!!! ((8$#$)#$^&&!!!!! I read somewhere that some viewers disapproval of JH action - saying that even he's the lead, he still commits affair with JS. I'm like, hmmm.... 1. JH-SK is over even before JS came into the picture, JH stayed in the marriage because it didnt make any different for him. 2. Then JS came, JH found another shot of happiness, seek to have a peaceful divorce , so
  6. Imagine there's an event (perhaps charity dinner for hospital foundation), GW comes in like a Cinderella, kyaaaa!!! I mean come on, she is the "ugly duckling" in HP (dresses like a boy, no makeup, messy hair). I want to see JW jaw-dropped big time like babo
  7. There's still hope for Jisu ex-husband. He may be a bad husband, but I think he's a good lawyer. Incident next week hopefully can trigger him to finally be on JS/JH side. Now that we have all friends together, adding ex-hubs, JS/H need all the help to fight evil Chairman Jang. Urgh!! So annoyed with that old prick. Hate to see SK at the losing end, but her behaviour this week doesn't help. I no longer have pity for her lol. YJT& LBY look so good as middle-age couple, so elegant & believable. Is it even legal for YJT to be that hot at the same time ridiculously adorable? H
  8. If there is one thing writer and PD need to protect in S2, is WinterGarden. They are so very loved by many, tearing up this pair will cause chaos lol. Of course , along the way there will be obstacles, misunderstandings & (oh and I really hope) professional clashes , but at the end they always find a way with each other (and please please some innocent/hot make up sessions (plural) ....kyaaaaa!!! ) I want SeokH & MinHa to happen. It seems that SeokH underestimated MH. That girl is a wonder. She's sweet, straightforward, has the biggest heart and most importantly she's resil
  9. I don't feel bad at all shipping JS & JH since their ex-husband/wife are both jackass/beetch who had affairs first. If the spouses are good people, then it would've conflicted my moral compass lol. I'd like to see Dong Jin + Young Woo teaming up to support JS & JH. Oh and the cute driver/assistant. Perhaps JS dad will come to his senses (better late than never), JH mother will fight for her son's happiness. Oh what a team these people would make. And to add cherry on top of the cake, both kids become best friends. Yay! Hahaha, that's too much to ask, eh? Lol , whatever! Br
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