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  1. Loved this drama so much that I have been rewatching old episodes this week since I am not over it yet. Lol. On this second re-watching, I noticed more starkly what irritated me about Qi Heng's relationship with Minglan - he never tried to understand where she was coming from and was always putting her in compromising situations. I felt he loved her but he was in love with the cute flawless Sixth Sheng Miss and never took her opinions or tried to understand her reasoning and her situation. The first polo match for example - with so many eyes and ears around, he was talking about the knee guards she gave him with so many others nearby. And then going to the Yuqing Monastery to corner her alone so he could express his love for her. That could have led to very disastrous consequences. And there were numerous other occasions. This was contrasted with how Gu Tingye regarded her. He was always aware of the precarious and difficult situation Minglan was in and took care never to put her in compromising situations. After saving her from the pirate attack, when she didn't know who her saviour was initially, he reminded her she shouldn't have given her name to a random strange man. Or not accompanying her back in public after the funeral attack because it could create a scandal. And more importantly, he took her opinions seriously unlike QH. Although he was upset with her in her role in disrupting his proposed match with Yanran, he accepted her reasoning although he was mad enough to still threaten her with the idea that he could propose marriage to her instead. Lol. He also gave serious thought to what she said about Rong-er's future and acted on it because he saw her as intelligent and an equal. QH only saw her as a cute girl he wanted to be with. The contrast was also evident in the schoolroom debate when Minglan was asked her opinion on whether inheritance should be through birth position or merit. Gu Tingye was confident she could hold her own and had her own opinion, while Qi Heng was amazed that she could. I think if Minglan had married Qi Heng, she would have been frustrated eventually because Qi Heng had such a set idea of what she was which wasn't her at all. Marrying Gu Tingye was difficult because of his horrible family, but he also gave her the space to be herself and come into her own and it was a true partnership. It was also significant that before marriage, apart from Grandma, Gu Tingye was the only one whom she would have uncensored and honest conversations with. One last side note - on Dr He. I think she would be happy enough too. But he was in awe of her and I don't think it would have been the type of equal partnership she had with Gu Tingye. She would be very fond of him though but he won't be able to support her the way Gu Tingye did as he was too soft.
  2. I think there's no way he could tell her. It was a covert operation and he would not be allowed to do so. Moreover it is also for her safety if somehow the plan went awry and ED won, it allows Minglan deniability and she wasn't part of the plot. In fact it would be even safer if she was officially separated from GTY so ED wouldn't be able to execute or exile her as part of GTY's family if GTY and the Emperor lost. But ML refused flatly so GTY couldn't push that. The Empress was forced to tell her because ML was so extreme in her measures for GTY that not telling her could have cost her health and life.
  3. On the name Yuan Ruo (sorry I haven't figured out how to quote text... )Yuan 元 also has connotations of being first, Ruo 若 as mentioned has the idea of "if" or "like" something (there's connotations of a wish )...maybe it's about the parents' aspirations or wish for him that he would be first among equals when he grows up. That he would be outstanding. My command of Chinese isn't great so those with a better command of the language pls correct me if I missed any finer nuances.
  4. Long-time lurker but finally decided to create an account so I can also join in. Love the drama and I agree with those who said that the drama is actually very nuanced and you need to listen to the dialogue for it to make sense instead of just basing one's interpretation just on the actions. I think focusing on how thin the charges against GTY are is missing the point. The way I see it this is likely all a grand ploy (possibly GTY's?) to help the Emperor flush out and get rid of ED and her minions. Part of it was for the Emperor to appear insecure and foolish hence his likely deliberate shows of temper in court and carefully placed private rants against GTY and even Prince Huan in the eunuch's earshot so ED will believe the Emperor is losing it. This will then be consistent with his behaviour later of convicting GTY on paper thin charges because on the surface it would seem the "foolish" Emperor just wants to find any excuse to get rid of GTY to check Prince Huan's power. This would allow him to send away his mightiest general (GTY) and ED can make her move, only for GTY to return to quell the rebellion. It makes perfect sense to me. As for the conversation between ML and the Empress (where we aren't allowed to see the entire conversation), given how extreme ML was in her actions because of her love for GTY to the extent of putting her life at stake, I suspect the Empress told ML the truth about the whole plot after sending everyone else out of the room. In putting together the plan, I think GTY never calculated the lengths his wife would go to for him. Lol. Just my 2 cents worth.
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