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  1. Happy 6th Taeun WGM Anniversary fellow shippers! Here's some updates from our lovely couple yesterday! Taemin update from RavenTears IG Naeun IG story update playing with the specs filter few hours after that Taemin pic Looks similar huh?
  2. wooo just the fact that Taemin replies with a "eung eung" instead of just "eung" makes me happy!! hahah if i'm not wrong people usually reply with just one "eung". I think we can safely assume that Taemin is hopping on to the trend of following Apink's song "Eung Eung"
  3. He was wearing the rosary ring tho! It's on his other hand! These are the only pictures that are clear enough to see the rings. It really looks so similar to Naeun's!
  4. Hello guys! I'm new here but I've been a Taeun fan since the beginning! Been lurking for quite a while now but I've finally decided to make an account here hehe https://twitter.com/ixakaixa/status/1095160779605594117?s=21 So Taemin's been answering questions on Tumblr and he said his favourite song to play on the piano is TOY's "That I was once by your side" If you guys can remember, this is the exact song Taemin sang for Naeun during the last episode! The song is so sad tho :')
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