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  1. Thanks! wow, I typed a detailed message here last day but seems like it was not posted somehow...:(( Being busy with exams I can't watch much of GY these days. but I did watch Screen on SBS mobile app, in Korean. With my limited knowledge of the language I understood about 30% of what was being said However, I think I understood what was being shown And I watched OFD too. Although I like his current, mature looks more but it's still nice to get to know how he used to look and act when he just started. I'm starting to think that my dear actor preferred characters with a sad story and he plays those roles so well that I too end up feeling quite sad. It happened to me even when I watched Biscuit Teacher... Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will watch Goblin next when I get time... I wished there were English subtitles to his old interview vids...
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