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  1. Welcome, English also is not first language but I will try understand the book and movie. I also don't get why Sang Sang return different and heard in second season half off the drama some body replace her,
  2. I use to watch a lot off K dramas and since Ten Miles OF peach Blossoms I am more in to C dramas specially costume / history are my favorite .
  3. I finally find the word for Ning Que. He is too greedy for love life . I was thinking like crazy even my own language. English is my second language if I make mistakes please forgive me.
  4. Oh Ning Que! Why he is in the business brake up Shan Shans wedding ? I really don't understand mens world.
  5. Someone mentioned about him looks a lot like Lin GengXin. ( main lead in Princess agent)
  6. When Sang Sang back to human world chubby that’s was actually what thought. I think she got pregnant her wedding night. I hate Ning Que talk dirt talks because for me this show Sang Sang and his relationship was so pure and cute. I hoping they don’t use for the second season.
  7. I believe green hat means cheating in old time but could be still same in modern time.
  8. Reading everyday 2 pages really torturing too I feel Ning Que . Sang Sang give his thing back? I know they gone have twins in the end. Just like Sang Sang I have twin boys my self too.
  9. I am reading websites www.readlightnovel.com but they really dirty words when Ning Que remind Sang Sang about wedding night they us F...... word that continues next chapters.
  10. I hope they don't change Son Yi Ren when Sang Sang came back different. Can we uploud videos from second season ? I haven't figured out yet but I find couple videos from new season.
  11. I watch this show from Viki and usually watch with comments and really make me sick when they say Sang Sang need a make over or she is not beutifull. I really think she has very uniqe beauty and maybe she so petitte so not showing. Also really tired seeing beautiful girls and handsome boys all the dramas . I love this different couple than other shows.
  12. Thanks for the answer sometimes when this cute couple not playing I skipped some scenes.
  13. I am reading 914 now. what I understand she is not beutifull looking very ordinary.
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