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  1. full moon tonight, i wonder what does man wol do. LOL i really like this drama. tvn is the best
  2. Oh, she's in Bali right now? happy holiday then. I remember that someone also just visited Bali, lol. Hope she's doing well. Bali is very cold in the night lately. Hot as h*ll in the noon. It was an earthquake yesterday, but it's not very strong.
  3. Wow, just realized he's in Bali right now. Hope he'll doing fun, Bali is hot as h*ll rn. But it also rains sometimes. The street a lil bit flooded when the rain is a lil bit longer I wish he'll come with his vitaMin in the future for the honeymoon
  4. lurking the latest thread, i have wild imagination in my mind. their relationship maybe more complex than just dating SJ : I love you, bu we can't date right now MY : I know, i love you too, but the time is not right SJ : then we'll agree that we're not dating, say that to the public. But i don't want you to close to another man MY : me too, i don't want to lose you too, but we're not dating. How is that? SJ : let's showing support to each other, keep giving signal to each other, showing our love. keep our promise MY : Okay, we'll do that. SJ: Just wait and see LOL, My delulu mind kicking, that conversation just came to my mind.
  5. it's okay for me, she has the right to do whatever she wants. i'm more curious about psj "accidental follow and unfollow", is it her who play with his ig? same habit LOL
  6. For me, it's like they're trying to show something to the rest of the world "He's mine" and "she's mine" don't you dare to take he/she from me LOL
  7. Would you like to share the link of the vid to me? I really wanna watch this one, with eng sub. Thank you
  8. it's like "we're not dating, you aren't my bf or you aren't my gf. but you're mine and we'll get married (hopefully)"
  9. The coincidence that makes me happy I also hope that she did not notice ,.. on purpose My delulu translation with that picture : " Hi Shipper, PP will become one in 2 years, please be patient " I wish
  10. I'm following ziozia and compagna ig post lately And it's likely that they both have the same pattern. Are their admin shipper too? Or it's a secret signal. Well it's not a secret tho, pattern is too visible
  11. It's funny how i really hooked up with this drama (wwwsk) I started watching kdrama in my childhood since 2005, i remember watching memories in bali, sassy girl chunyang, full house, jewel in the palace, goong along with other taiwanese drama. it was a good childhood memories. but i'm not curious or excited when drama is over like now. Goong is the last drama i watched, after that i am not following any kdrama, since i only watching from tv. Internet is very limited at that time. earlier this year, i found this drama (wwwsk). I got excited because it contains comedy element (yes i love comedy genre), i watched all the episodes in 4 days. And i am amazed, their chemistry is so good. I can't differentiate wether they're really acting or not. It's really really refreshing drama to watch. 9.5/10 from me. salute I just wish that they'll found happy life together ever after in real world.
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