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  1. its weird that TVN didnt show any of the cute scenes in their bts videos, it would have been a good marketing tactic since their drama is romance
  2. i translated the korean comments and it means "We love and support you." ? is there a reason why she deleted them? or is it because people were spamming her comment section?
  3. anybody know if the WWWSK JPN BD is limited edition? and does it make a difference if you preorder or buy it after it has been released? (I know for Korean BD, there are preorder goodies, just wondering if its the same for Japan)
  4. thank you so much!! LOL I love how shes so focused about the camera capturing her unbuttoning his shirt
  5. @twoparkcouple during the wall scene kiss bts, Minyoung was making a little v gesture near SJ neckline, and they started laughing, I was wondering what were they laughing about (00:24:26 - 00:24:45) if you dont mind me asking and during 00:24:22 & 00:25:44 of the wall kiss bts, what did PSJ and MY say after the director yell cut? :') sorry if im asking too much haha.
  6. I wonder if the japanese dvd will have bts of miso and vp drunk scenes, morning after their "night" because I wanted to see those
  7. the extended Miso drunk scene was adorable! & I wonder how Korea would have react if the extended bed scene was used in the original airing.... because I think that's my first time seeing such a scene in a korean drama
  8. their relationship/friendship is super adorable. thank you for these. my heart is melting & I hope PSJ have a successful movie premiere!!
  9. the fact that MY said Chocochip before PSJ said anything, even though he's the one who named it, says a lot i think. Yeah, its not common to have a guy friend name your mole
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