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  1. That's really sad. She must feel sad about the ratings already but to have her fans being vocal about disliking the drama too...
  2. that Mont Blanc connection.... i would not be surprised if it was from him considering how busy she has been these past few days, i doubt she had time to go out and buy gifts
  3. these stares, so cute!!! such a cute scene! ARE WE EVEN ALLOWED TO WATCH THIS?
  4. as a shipper, I always try to separate their job and respect them as an individual human being before anything else. I love PPC and will be rooting for them until the end, but if they have a new work with a new partner, I will support them in any way i can since that's their job. They got to make rent right? hahah so I'll always wish them the best in their individual career and personal life. I believe in 95% that PPC are dating, so I love that PSJ and PMY do really well in their intimate scenes with other actors. They make me proud as a fan because they don't let their real life relationship get in the way of portraying their character in the best way possible. It's impressive and it's kinda... expected of them, as they are actors, otherwise they wouldnt be as convincing as actors. I dont want to be a fan who will only celebrate news when it only benefits ppc as a couple. My heart for them is strong so even if they have hot scenes with other actors, I watch them and enjoy them as their characters on screen. However, my heart is still with PPC.... if that makes sense. I guess I look at them a bit differently because I'm used to shipping hollywood stars, who have so many hot scenes on screen yet are married in real life with kids. But then again, the korean industry looks at married actors differently compared to hollywood so.... hmm i dont know where im going with this now lol
  5. I wasn't saying anything bad about ppc :/ I was comparing and complimenting the realness of ppc scenes D:
  6. I haven't seen the full episode with sub yet, but I read that some of you didn't like that she hid from him at the end? I think it's just a natural reflex for her? she has been hiding her fangirls side for yearrrssssss from so many ppl including her mom and dad, so it's just natural that she hid the second she realized someone else is looking, whether it be her bf or not. I remember before, Im very protective of my phone because Im always afraid people might find my tumblr or twitter. The minute someone get close to my phone, my first instinct is to grab it, whether its my close family or friends. It's prob just a reflex.
  7. minyoung went a little wild last night during the HPL makeup out session hahah! protect your eyes shippers! I can see what some of you meant that it's different feel than when its with psj. there's something missing, or maybe im just being biased. I'm enjoying her on screen chemistry with kjw though what i find cute is I dont think ive seen her ears turning red during wwwsk kissing scenes, but it did during hpl aka she was shy/embarrassed hehehe... there must be a reason
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