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  1. @frostflower14 thank you for your recaps! I know it’s time consuming to be doing these recaps for us but I do appreciate a lot! Your awesome!!
  2. @fancia Wow interesting!! I can’t wait to see how the drama will turn out if they follow the book on how MQ came to be or if he’s just the old man son. Thanks for explaining that.
  3. @yoohoo84 yes...the old man who help ZY and MQ dad looks alike...he has to be MQ dad I’m assuming...
  4. Since MQ is able to enter Qi Zhi Di, wonder if he’ll meet his dad since his dad is the one that help LZY go back to the mortal world.....
  5. Saw this on my Instagram and had to share it with you all. Their chemistry is so good, better than any other actors or actress I’ve seen. Anyhow this scene just melts my heart. The love they have for one another. ❤️
  6. @frostflower14 thank you so much for the recap! I had a feeling that the tea shop owner had to have been someone important Or else he wouldn’t offer his help to ZY. Interesting....I hope in the drama they will reveal who he is though...so he must be related to MQ if he is the previous demon king?? I wonder who MQ dad is since he never came back for MQ like he said he will. Hm...
  7. @frostflower14 can you please summarize ep 31&32 when you have the chance?
  8. @frostflower14 thank you so much for the summarizing that part! Much appreciated. Omg MQ words are too sweet! Makes my heart melt. Can’t wait for the next 2 ep tomorrow and then the struggle starts again for the next 4 days. lol
  9. @frostflower14 thanks for the recap in eng! You’re awesome!!! Hm....I wonder if Lin Zin Yu have feelings for Li Chen Lan?....
  10. @frostflower14 can you recap ep 30?!? I wanna know what MQ and ZY conversation was towards the end when he saved her again. I appreciate it!
  11. @xienrue Thank you for the preview. I can’t wait for next week episodes. @RouzmaryYou’re right can’t even watch the preview for 27. Well if you Find the ep 27 and able to view it. share it with us on here. Lol
  12. @frostflower14 Your a life saver!!! Thank you for the recap and for your time. I appreciated a lot! So is there any previews for the next episodes coming up??
  13. I hope she realizes that he loves her only. Man the struggle is already enough with no subs it’s going to be even more waiting for next week episodes Lol. @frostflower14 thanks for the summary! Can you summarize episode 26?? Pls!
  14. @ElleSor There are people subbing it but it may take while. I believe ep1-3 is sub on YouTube so far. You may just have to be like us non Chinese speaking and watch it until there are subs. Lol
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