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  1. Yea that is what I've come to learn. I was very disaapointed it felt like a tease the entire time and that kiss underwater seemed oddly placed. Like the town just got bombed and they kiss for the first time? Weird I recently found a video of him speaking english on a game show. It was ok but you can tell he isn't fluent at all. I wonder about his sexuality because I have a huge crush on him lol.
  2. Thank you! i already watched Balzac and the little seamtress, a westlake moment And now im watching painted skin all of them were on youtube with english subs
  3. Where are you watching these movies I want to watch more Chen Kun movies with english subs but dont know where I can.
  4. This show was so well done visually and ascetically. I fell in love with Ning Yi's character and the Actor Chen kun, I think he is sooo handsome and I love his real life personality. Like I'm actually going to learn Chinese and visit china now because of this show. I just finished the show last night and my heart is so heavy. I cant believe they ended the series this way. I felt frustrated the entire show because of all the unrequited love between Ning Yi and FZW. Im even more upset that they never even got a sex scene what the heck is up with that? Like I would've been consolable knowing that they at least made love before either of them died. Or was sex implied when FZW showed up to Ning Yi's when she had on the purple robe and he pushed her on the bed. I'm also wondering why they never showed FZW and Helian Zheng consummating their marriage. Is there going to be a second season? I just had a feeling that his mother wasn't really dead and maybe she will come back again and as well as FZW. Some of my favorite episode were Ning Yi killing the crown prince and him begging the emperor for his mother. Those were really powerful scenes with some killer acting by Chen Kun. Overall this show invokes some powerful emotions in the viewer, but there were a lot of unanswered questions and the last 20 episodes felt rushed and incomplete. Also side note is Chen Kun gay or straight? I know he has a son but never married and there seems to be rumors that he's gay but no real info online. Also does he speak english none of his interviews are in English.
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