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  1. Agreed! I also dont know when exactly did i start to really really ship them, as i was just looking forward to their interaction. But i guess the episode that cemented for me was the nevis swing episode. To me, kjk wont play around with jsm like he does with sjh. Yes, u may say he may pet jsm head but it seems more like how an elderly bro does to his younger sis. (He also did sth similar to sunny). But his interactions with jh dont give me the sibling vibe but rather a bickering couple vibe. Hence, my ship.
  2. This is my personal opinion but i will say that there is no wrong in a neutral lurking around in this group. I would say all opinions as long as u r not anti-SA is welcome (yes, even if u think SA may not be tgt as long as u r logical) I do ship SA, and i m a fan of kjk and turbo, but i do see no wrong in his friendship with other female artistes (i.e. hjy and jsm). I do think that SA private or non televised interactions are too intimate, which is why i ship them. But i dont mind hearing other pov. That said, if i get banned becos of ppl reporting me, well thats too bad. I will just remain a lurker like how i was the past few years.
  3. Fyi, to those who mentioned that kjk stated that he was uncomfortable, the statement was actually made by jh and both statements appear to be more of replies to the statement 'can you not make us do things like this'. To me,it appears more of they didnt want to be spies / have special roles.
  4. Tho i am a SA shipper, tbh i dont wish for SA to be in the same pairing. My ideal pairing are: - Gummy w jong kook, haha (the music group) - apink w ji hyo, so min (the girl group) - soran w suk jin, se chan (the 'uncle' group) - code kunrst w jae suk, kwang soo (hip hop comedian group) Anyone feels the same (regarding SA or the pairings)?
  5. Its been shown multiple times both on and off screen that they are close. Off screen includes tanning tgt, meals with other frens etc. Even kwangsoo had previously commented on rm that jihyo tried to follow him and jk when they wanted to get a drink privately, something that i am sure she wont do if she is not close to both of them.
  6. My delu thoughts was that JH went over to JK to say something in the lines of: "you're sorry?" While acting jealously like a jealous gf and JK spending time to pacify her. But then again, its just my own delu. Haha
  7. Just watched episode 322 and realised that kjk was the only one who went over and gave sjh a hug cum pet when there were many female guests. The other rm members only went to the female guests
  8. My delu (+alcohol) thoughts on this: Rmb the april's fool news? If kjk and sjh wasn't real, won't the best April's fool news be spartace? Instead they came up with some other random news... ok my delu mind working
  9. Actually my thought was that both KJK n SJH was so quiet was because KJK is sick (he was sniffling the whole ep and kept holding his bottle) and SJH was tired. Tbh both of them seem to only interact when being interacted to, in their cases it was HJY talking to them. And while HJY seems close to KJK, it seems more like close friend than lovers, esp when she shipped SA together. So while there are to be no SA moments and more of KJK HJY moments, i will attribute to them being under the weather
  10. Is it just me or did i see jong kook ALMOST automatically going to check ji hyo's lips when they mentioned there was some food on it before holding himself back? The scene was at the raw octopus restaurant. Also at the first restaurant when ji hyo was hitting him when they got to eat by the choosing of wires, did i see his hand subtly touching hers then or was i delu?
  11. I can’t believe I took so long to find this thread, or perhaps I didn’t Google much about Spartace with all the MC saga in the past. I been a SA shipper since the Bigbang princess episode and in the past 2 days, I combed through the thread since the firing saga. I am 80% convinced that there is something going on between them. Why 80%? Well personal experience. Coming from someone who had a few close male friends, while there are bound to be some light touches with each other, they are doing it way too much. This only happened to me and a male friend of mine and we subsequently found that we were interested in each other, hence the when we sit together, our hands and fingers touch, will find chances to just touch each other etc. With other friends, you will not keep doing it no matter how close unless either of them are Super touchy, which they are not. Also the food feeding like mentioned before and how they are not sharing food as friends but rather couple-ish. Their frequent magnet and finding each other. Even if you are my good Friend, if I am not interested in you, I got better things to do than to keep looking for and at you. So why 20% not convinced? Well to prevent myself from disappointed and also in the event SA are really those who can be Super touchy with no interest. Otherwise, KJK, take more initiative! (Well if you are not already together) just my 2 cents worth
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