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  1. Currently rewatching the 33x to 34x episodes. And i found out that there were so many hidden SA moments (not sure if they were detailed here before). So to those who were missing on these moments, can go and watch these episodes and find them yourselves. shall slowly enjoy finding more SA moments
  2. My delu mind keep thinking how come we barely see JH in the last race unless she is with JK. N JK only appears alone at the end when there was the sparta scene. Even the pairings when they r running around tearing nametags was weird. I understand pairing SM and JH with a male partner but JH dont need such a strong partner like JK. It makes more sense for her to go with HH n JK to hunt alone, rather than SA, SM/JS n HH alone. Furthermore, we also see JS, HH and SM together but without SA. Then again, it could be my delu mind working. And to ppl who said JK complimented SM, he did too for JH, just that the editting again seemed to soften the sound of the compliment.
  3. It really feels like KHN is going to replace SJH with her frequent appearances. The lack of on screen SA teasing could be also that they are trying to divert attention from SA so that if there is an announcement in the future, they can just say that they only started not long ago. Esp with how SK view their celebs with lying etc. Lesser SA means no chance to deny on screen = not lying