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  1. On 4/19/2019 at 3:06 AM, Yitian_fan said:



    "I killed your wife? Which one?  Is it Zhou Zhangmen or the daughter of Ying yewang?" [Poking at the fact that he promised to marry Yinli and then promised to marry ZZR, but never did the same for ZM.]


    Then RYW went on to tell ZWJ that ZM betrayed her father and her country, so he is entirely justified in killing her.  Not only that but if he didn't kill her others would, so the fault is in her betrayal. But it is ZWJ's actions that are unjustifiable.


    ZM gave up everything for ZWJ, but when RYW sent his men for her, he found to his surprise that she was entirely alone and undefended.  Where was ZWJ then when she needed him?


    Obviously she chose the wrong man.  Clearly, WBB continues accusingly, ZWJ seduced her, used her to get Ming sect out of trouble,  then let Yuan troops capture her and kill her so that he now has an excuse to assassinate RYW.


    Coldly RYW tells him that he will crush ZWJ on the battle field to make him regret sacrificing his (RYW's) ZM for "the world"



    Oh, I love this!! Thank you.

    Where can I find more of this in English? 

  2. 2 hours ago, taeunfighting said:


    I too think that this remake probably captivated fans because of the romance. I have watched three versions and read the novel once a long time ago and once again before watching this version. From a romance perspective, what's interesting is that I have been always satisfied with the WJ/ZM love story in the previous adaptations and the novel so it didn't need to take an edited version of it for me to love it.


    I wished this version didn't incorporate the assassination because to me, not only did it put ZM in a difficult position, it served no point other than to prove that the Ming sect was capable of plotting/fighting the Mongolians themselves and that they didn't really need WJ. It actually made it seem like they only needed WJ to use ZM to get to the Mongolians. Knowing that and their under-handed methods, it would have been the perfect exit for WJ to stay true to his character. So yes, if only WJ had left with ZM right after her father's death, I maybe would be fine with the ending. The fact that he didn't made their romance lose its luster for me. And sadly and it hurts me to say it, it made me not like this version of WJ so much.


    I agree that ZM does not blame WJ for her father's death, but herself. She said so herself.  But yeah...how ZM was able to cope with her father's death and then reconcile with WJ is another ordeal and beyond me. I still can't understand how she was able to do it even though some time had supposedly passed. This is a another reason why I wish the assassination was not one of changes/deviations.


    Better 10 pages late than never LOL.


    I guess ZYZ is not a loving hero for Chinese, they portrayed him so hideous and so wicked in the novel, the drama, even in his figure painting in some museum somewhere, or at least he was not Jin Yong's favorite. In this very HSDS he was so compelling that no members went against his plot. That was something. And the history told us he was to be the next king.  WJ didn't have leader qualities at all, they took him as a kid, or they wouldn't treat him with no respect again and again. 

    It would have been better if he was with WU Dong, I think he belonged there.

    ZM knew it all, they were scheming, they used him, they didn't listen to him, and she said it out loud. But WJ still didn't want to leave.

    It was funny in a scene in some version or in the novel I'm not sure, ZM talking with WJ about how she was about to slash ZR face, she asked what if she did it and he answered he wouldn't be friend with her and would never talk to her again. I think this says so much about WJ character. i agree, this WJ was not the WJ we had known, and I miss the novel's WJ, at least he could tell ZYZ was a hypocrite then walked away.


    Some poster said it had something to do with Chinese censorship board, hope that the TVB version's ending can be more satisfied.

    Or we should hope for the next version instead?




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  3. On 4/19/2019 at 1:40 AM, taeunfighting said:


    The assassination and the last episode was disappointing to me.  I would be less critical and wouldn’t care if it wasn’t a remake of a classic.  If they were going to change the entire ending, at least do it right.  From a romance perspective, if they wanted to disprove that identity didn’t matter, they didn’t do a good job here.  The assassination definitely showed that the politics was able to drive a wedge in their relationship.  WJ could have salvaged it if he truly kept his word that he was sure he could give up everything to be with ZM right after the Ming sect went behind his back.  Obviously, his followers would have been fine leading the revolution themselves if they were able to plot against the Mongolians.  His hesitation to leave time after time his followers went behind his back didn’t leave a good impression on me to be truly satisfied with the ending.  At least in past adaptations, WJ faced the dilemma of choosing between ZM or Ming toward the end so the way they went about WJ choosing ZM over Ming was not wishy washy.  It didn’t get dragged out like it did in this one.  So although this version may have portrayed more romance between WJ and ZM, the way it led WJ to reunite with ZM in Mongolia in the end was rather flat to me.  I know each viewer sees things differently so if most got happy feels about this version, then that’s great.  I just really wish I could...I just can’t get there.


    Probably because this remake portrayed more WJ-ZM romance, it's hands-down the best HSDS by many fans. I had watched 2 versions and had read the novel 3 times before watching this one, I also think it is. Along with its ZM-WJ are the best ZM-WJ, too. Yet after the finale I still feel the same as you, disappointed.

    I agree, the perfect time for WJ to leave Ming sect was right after the assassination. I don't think that would make him unpatriotic, he could work for his country in many other ways. He was a brilliant doctor and a talented fighter after all. He and ZM didn't care who would rule the country, they just cared about people well being, Hans as well as Mongols, as we saw him meeting ZM's father to cease fighting. Sadly his followers didn't want it, they want to chase Mongols out of the country no matter how squalid the method was. Some may say it's a strategy normally used in wars, but I can't take it that way. WJ came from another planet, I mean, he was pure, he was loyal, he wouldn't conduct anything dishonorable.

    His followers going behind his back alone was reasonable enough to leave.

    They brought him ingloriousness. But no punishment because WJ was afraid the army would run riot, so he couldn't. They were so out of order that I surprised they were winning the war with such army.


    IDK, I believe ZM could not go back to be the same person, no one could, after had been through such crisis. It was too much and she was just a young lady. She would change, and it would be difficult for her to be with WJ. I mean, every time you see your lover remind you of how your love for him make your father die, how can you manage to be happy with him? I didn't say she blame WJ, because she didn't. But she blamed herself, which was worse.


    I'm sorry I had to wait until I finished the subbed version of the finale which just released last night, I'm 10 pages late.:lol:

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  4. 3 hours ago, LaurenPanna said:


    yeah i get where you are coming from.

    any normal Woman would not easily forgive.

    It shows that ZM really love him so much.

    I think ZM will follow through things that she said, and will not break her own promise to herself. But yesterday episode, she told him that She don't want him anymore, and she will follow through whatever she said. In the end, she did not, and accepted him back. I guess that is because WJ really search for her for YEARS , and it is such a long time that time heal part of the wounds that render ZM to be so forgiving. And that she really love him too much. She also know that it was not WJ's plan in the first place to get her dad killed.  But true that, i also expect last part to be not so easy. I expect the reunion to hold more details before ended off with horse riding.


    That is why what mothers say to her daughters that "to be with a guy who love you more than you love him" will never be outdated. ha ha.

    I would tell mine that "if a guy like WJ comes to you and you love him as much as ZM love WJ, RUN!!!

    Seriously, he unnecessarily burdened himself with too many responsibilities. I guess his kind heart would drag ZM into so many many troubles after their reunion, this HE might not as sweet as it seems.


    2 hours ago, taeunfighting said:

    Same - I love a happy ending too, but too much happened beforehand made it less satisfying.  ZM's father's assassination kept reminding me of what WJ had told to her after they reunited after Snake Island  - that it was impossible for them to be together.  He said that one day he, her brother and father will one day battle.  If it is not they who die, it will be him.  If he killed her father, would she be able to be with her father's killer?  Would be she happy??  She covered her ears and didn't want to hear it, but WJ told her it was reality, but she didn't want to accept it.  So WJ's actions following her father's death made me wonder if WJ was actually right.  I know it is not WJ who killed her father, but his death is still related to him because of Ming sect and the revolution.  He made the situation even worse when he was willing to take responsibility in place of ZYZ.  I mean what a slap in the face for a already grieving ZM.  Then she asked him one last time if he was going to leave with her and he still couldn't do it.  I understand that the WJ's character is supposed to be muddle-headed by all his responsibilities, but it was way over done at the end.  So yeah...I agree that this version of the reunion was way too easy. 


    Yes, I remember that was the only scene that I felt ZM annoying.

    I think if they insisted on with the assassination plot they should have add very much more details for the resolution, didn't have to be sweet scenes, but must be reasonable, I mean, you had the heroin's father killed before her, and this is Wuxia after all, it's not supposed to be easy, right? 4-5 minutes is impossible.


    BTW, I think I haven't heard WJ tell ZM he love her. Ungrateful little rascal!! 

    Please tell me if I missed it.

    I still love Joseph.

  5. I still find that WJ doesn't deserve ZM's love. For him she sacrificed even her life, and now her father's, and he still chose that hero wannabe villains over her. He didn't love her as much to go with her. What if he couldn't find her? What if she give up of her love for him and hid away forever? I want to see him a little more tortured, I mean, he has to learn one lesson or two, right? 

    It broke my heart when WJ took responsibility and wanted to be killed in ZYZ place. It reflected that he cared so little about her grieve and didn't understand how her feeling was. She blamed herself for her father's death. So I can't make myself believe the ending like this according to ZM's personality. I mean, whenever you feel guilty that your love for a guy makes your father die can you still be with him in this life time? Okay you may forgive him but I don't think you can forgive yourself so easily.

    Me too, I love the HE, but I don't think the assassination plot is a good move to lead us there. 

    Ming Sect was a mess and  WJ wasn't a good choice for the leader. He was not determinded and was too kind. ZYZ wronged him again and again and WJ let him loose very easily. He plotted behind WJ back, guilty as a subordinate. He used ZM love for WJ, as a person. Yet, he still protected that ZYZ. ZM was right that Ming Sect people just wanted to use his fame, and they did not listen to him. I wished, last night when i saw this scene, him realize himself that everything ZM had said was right.

    I don't like this WJ, but I love this actor.

    This HSDS's only good is ZM.

    I love HEs but please don't make my ZM look this easy.

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  6. I guess the death of SQS in this version is to accentuate WJ love for MM. Now ZR will realize that even no MM and no SQS, WJ won't love her.

    Before having watched EP.47-48 I though she will repent her sins and end up marry SQS, that will be a good resolution for her, right? But the author killed him already.

    Pity him, he is the only SQS i like and think that he is more human than in other versions, he just made a mistake and he did amend it. Comparing to ZR, after the Snake Island truth revealed and everybody knew she was the culprit, she still wanted ZM die as she told SQS. In other versions the yellow robe lady did something to her and also she had got temporary hallucination or something that satisfied me.

    Hope that she will receive a penalty she deserve.


    It's tonight, guys!!!!

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    14 hours ago, vtxy said:

    Just watched the two episodes released and although there are sweet moments, it is also super frustrating. 

      Hide contents

    Seeing CY and LQW together is so annoying. He has always made it clear that he only treats her as a friend but it would be much better if he wasn't so nice. Feels like the scriptwriters really messed up his character with the addition of LQW scenes. 


    He ended his collaboration with her already when she set him up to make BQ witness them on the same bed. But now he let her stay under the his roof again despite how fustrated BQ is and even see her behind BQ’s back. Why?

    Back then in the capital he used to pretend to be a playboy for the king to not suspect him as an usurper, why cannot he see through LQW’s fakery ( I really love Eternal Love’s Yehua for not being this dumb)?

    What fustrated me most is his explanation when he was trying to make up with BQ, nothing is clear (and I don’t believe all of that can assure BQ that it will never happen again) all he did is just being too sweet to lure her and babbling about being with her in the future but no promise that he will never see LQW again.

    I left for 9 eps beacause I couldn’t bear him holding her hand and flirting with her right after sleeping with BQ. When she confessed her feeling for him in that cave, even if he turned her down, his expression says he like it (the blame is for the director not BinBin), and I come back after some spoilers with super sweet scenes came out, watching 11 ep subbed and nosubbed nonstop. The consequenece is that I now am so sad I can’t trust CY any more, even if BQ forgive him but I cannot. This show is supposed to be a comedy, isn’t it? Then why?


    Now I realize I have to take my 2nd leave.

    Sorry for being too emotional.

    See you around.

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