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  1. @xienrue I'm sorry, I understand you are heated after watching the newest episodes, but I haven't and read your paragraph about character deaths. Usually our forum is good at concealing spoilers.
  2. So my late two cents about what happened in the latest two episodes... I didn't like the interruption of their wedding... but anyways JW's invasion made it hard for me to swallow that he was accepted as Sect Leader. He invaded Wan Lu Men, killed their people, imprisoned all the leaders... but it made sense for him to be Sect Leader and not given the role of Norther Sect Leader. 1) He would never accept that role of Northern Sect Leader (he has to be the boss). 2) He does not want to work under LCL. 3) He helped saved ZY's life (so LCL and ZY accepted his request to be Sect Leader).
  3. @12blbl It exists because ZY literally walked out of the ice cave in that body. That's my understanding. She is using that body from the ice cave. Hope that makes sense!
  4. I think someone already explained in the earlier comments... but basically ZY has always been using her own body with the appearance of Zhi Yan because Zhi Yan's blood revived her. The pool in the "Ghost World" wiped away remnants from her body like the affects of the pills and also Zhi Yan's blood that caused the illusion. From what I see, ZY does not have to go to the ice cave because she is using her own body.
  5. @DontEatMyKimchi OMG I did not notice his red dot go missing. That's gonna add another level of complexity to his character, and I'm excited! The story has been quite choppy and unsatisfying in certain aspects of story telling. Like we're dying to know what happens next but we have to wait while they circle back or we want to know why this person is like this and we don't have the backstory.
  6. @Alila Nguyen Ah! Thank you for answering my question. I love how you referenced Inu Yasha hahaha. LOL it's good QQX was able to get over ZY because we need her with MQ. There have been a lot of tragic lovers in the show, so it's good QQX has a different story line, plus we need more sweet scenes with ZY and MQ.
  7. Honestly though... it is so so so cute that
  8. @frostflower14 so I have a question about QQX Also a new ship has been created and I'm all for it:
  9. If y'all can help a fellow watcher out, please let me know of where to find the missing scenes. I'm so annoyed! Is it because of censorship? I mean other dramas upload the whole thing just fine...
  10. Just finished 21 & 22. Cannot believe this girl! I'm really annoyed at the different versions too. As long as they don't cut crucial parts, I'm ok. But sometimes it looks like they do!
  11. In the novel it was mentioned in passing, but I don't think they've shown that actual scene yet in the drama. The one where she stares at him because she definitely does! And it's in the ending credits I think.
  12. http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/02/every-time-zhao-yao-tries-to-kill-li.html Someone on Dramapanda made a post about the times Zhao Yao (fails) to kill Chen Lan. Haha.
  13. I just finished episode 11 & 12 and kinda hate myself for not resisting I need to find a filler drama, so I take the waiting. The friendship between Zhao Yao and Zhi Yan is adorable. Zhao Yao seems to have a soft spot for good-natured people / like Mo Qing
  14. Right? Which made me assumed that he found her identity out or is close to realizing it's really ZY? Either way, we need more seducing scenes
  15. I understand what you mean. They're setting the places, people, and things heavily, and it's coming off boring in some parts. I hope it picks up soon, and we get more scenes with Zhao Yao and Chen Lan
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