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  1. I used to be skeptical when I first started this drama due to how much they deviated some stuff from the novel (WWX not being the creator of the demonic path, Wen Qing’s personality, etc), but the more I watched , the more I became invested and in the end it won me over. I love Xiao Zhan as WWX, he embodies the character so well, from the carefree, humorous yet serious and clever side to the darkness of Yiling Laozu while still retaining some qualities before his transformation. He’s had some of his best acting moments so far in the latest episodes. Yibo improved a lot too. I love to see his development in terms of his feelings for WWX. I also adore Xuan Lu as Shijie. She embodies the mother figure, the softness, gentleness of Jiang Yanli and the mediator in the family flawlessly. I was worried that WangXian wouldn’t be done justice here, but honestly they exceeded my expectations, from the great chemistry to how much they tried to stay faithful to the novel despite the censorship. On Douban, it rose from a 4 to a 6.7 thus far, which is pretty impressive and I’m glad people are liking it more and more. Hope it continues to improve!
  2. Currently 8.1 on Douban. Might be the highest-rated idol drama on Douban I’ve seen thus far.
  3. Eng subs now available! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5o3JutuMl_GXEMUcK17Gn9c
  4. I watched the first two episodes, it is soooo cute. Easy to watch and it’s good enough that you want to continue. Male lead is handsome af, and the female lead is really refreshing. Hope it won’t disappoint later on bc it has potential.
  5. I watched the first two episodes and I’m confused. Is this a loose adaptation? Because I don’t remember the story ever going like that, from the previous versions that I’ve watched. If Deng Lun’s character is a nine-tailed fox, then does he possess Da Ji later on?
  6. Seems like Fa Hai has a better judgement of morality and good vs evil here, which is a nice change from the previous versions.
  7. Yes, I think they changed the background music...the last episode released for VIP users contained all three OSTs as background music which made that scene so much more emotional. Then they changed it for regular users which is a dumb idea.
  8. I watched the first 8 episodes...it is good so far...and Ju Jingyi is so pretty as Bai Suzhen I’m also interested in Xiao Qing’s storyline here. The actress (I also like her in Zhao Yao) portrays her in such a lively way. She has good chemistry with Fahai, it is too bad they won’t end up together.
  9. Oh my god, Wei Qianxiang’s (guy playing GJ) birthday is tomorrow on April Fool’s. while CXX is today...this is too funny for some reason.
  10. I don’t see LCY as a villain either, I just meant considering that he played a villain in a previous drama and again in his upcoming drama, I hope he won’t accept more villain roles in the future.
  11. I just hope CXX won’t be typecasted as a villain. The role of LCY should convince studios to offer him lead roles in the future, preferably complex ones with moral ambiguity like LCY since he does them best.
  12. I hope this drama can hit big like Eternal Love and Story of Yanxi Palace.
  13. Really looking forward to this. I love Li Yitong and early Tang Dynasty is one of my favs!
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