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  1. I've seen people complaining on ig again that the members are talking about JSM's dating life and setting her up on blind dates on the show, but to me it just makes me more hopeful for SA lol. KJK has talked so much about getting married and yet they have never set him up with someone or made a dating episode for him (aside from that one years ago). SJH is single as far as we know and yet they've never talked about setting her up with someone either. Aside from JSM and YSC (who is currently on a dating variety show cmiiw), they are the only other members who are publicly single but they're never teased with other people in the last couple of years. Does this mean something significant for SA? Maybe not lol, but we can hope.
  2. ah, my bad lol it is the 9th anniversary. I get confused sometimes because when they talk, they tend to say they've been doing it for 10 years instead of 9. But yeah, it feels final though we can't know until a statement is released. I think some people speculate that the show is ending soon (whether this year or next) because the members are indeed getting older and it's harder for them to do the fan favorite games that involve a lot of running and wrestling and lifting each other, and also the show is struggling to get its ratings up as well.
  3. Everything they're doing for the 10th anniv does feel like a preparation for ending the show. It could also just be them planning something special to celebrate 10 years, but it could also mean a preparation for a big ending. The main thing that has me thinking that is the fact that they chose to have a fanmeet in SK now when the ratings aren't that good anymore instead of back when rm was one of the highest rated shows there. Personally, I don't know how to feel about rm ending if ever. I'm gonna miss seeing the team together every week, but I also think it would allow all of them to accept more opportunities that don't have to work around their Mon. to Tues. filming schedule.
  4. My delulu mind likes to imagine that KJK's constant mentioning of SJH turning 40 (her biological age will be 38 in august and her korean age is currently 39 and will be 40 in january next year, cmiiw) means that he is also concerned about her marrying and having a child soon - maybe with him as we shippers hope, or maybe with someone else and this is just a brotherly concern. Is it a hint? Or is he just teasing? Either way, at least it shows that they're comfortable enough with each other that KJK can tease her about getting old which is usually something you don't bring up with ladies you're not close with.
  5. It's ma-heun, the hangul for 40. Basically he wrote "song ma heun". I haven't seen the episode yet, just the clipa posted here, so I don't know what SJH wrote for KJK. Does anyone have a clip of that?
  6. 마흔 is 40 so he may be taking a jab at her age again lol. KJK always so concerned about how old SJH is.
  7. The level of comfort and casual closeness they have with each other makes me happy regardless if it's romantic or platonic. Slightly unrelated, I think it's so cute that HH and SJH are almost the same height lol. And also, I've never rested my elbow on a person's shoulder like that but KJK does it often (usually just with HH) and I think it looks more tiring than just letting your hand fall to your side. It's still cute though.
  8. A cute story about SJH was mentioned on life bar. There are two other clips on the person's page.
  9. It seems Haha really is our SA fairy godmother lol. I can't wait to see what this event brings. Also, I wonder if they can get SJH to sing again like she did with in the rm fanmeet from years ago?
  10. I also read a comment somewhere that after that weirdly intimate scene that sent all of us into a wild, positive uproar (lol), you can see JSM looking like she was about to point at something (presumably SA) before the scene cuts off completely (idk if that's what it looks like, but maybe. Perhaps they did tease them a bit but it was edited out. But that leads to another question - given how much they edit things out or mix scenes out of order, they could have easily edited out that SA scene, but they didn't. Why? It feels like they left it there specifically for shippers to find lol. That's just my delulu tho)
  11. being in this thread is so different from being a part of the SA fandom on ig because people here, for most part, are more understanding and fair and do not post hate. It makes me sad that most of the negativity I see about JSM are from SJH fans or SA fans, so being here with people who just ship and don't hate is a real treat. I like the direction rm has been going in lately with trying to return the old family vibe and not trying to force any loveline. You can see how the members have gotten more comfortable with each other and relevant to our interests, we can see how SA is back to their old background moments and not actively avoiding each other. This most recent one is certainly interesting. I've seen one argue against it by saying that KJK visibly moved his head away when SJH approached, but I think that is easily explained. He was probably just surprised at her sudden move lol. Even I would move my head back if someone got that close to me suddenly, no matter how much I like that person. What's more telling, imo, is the fact that the rest of his body stayed in place. He didn't step back at all or even angle his body away, he just let her get very close and hold both of his arms. We can't see their faces in that clip, but the body language is very telling.
  12. I just want to say, I'm glad KJK sometimes makes the effort to bring up SJH during talking segments. We all know SJH doesn't bring attention to herself or talk about what's going on with her unless she's asked which is why some people say she's too quiet in rm. So having KJK turn the conversation toward her by teasing or bringing up some random thing about her I think helps her feel more included in the conversation. Also, him calling her a "complete package" (even if it was during their role playing) was a surprisingly bold move lol.
  13. to be clear, I wasn't trying to imply that KJK was being mean or insensitive. I just didn't think much of it because I wasn't following SJH during that time and I didn't know how bad the response was - to me it's just not a big deal. Also, I thought YJS has teased her about it before on happy together cmiiw. I didn't even think of the angry bird/bad jihyo persona lol. That's a much more likely theory about what KJK was talking about. Anyway, at least these two are comfortable enough to tease each other on camera again. Always a push-pull with this ship.
  14. This is just a guess but he might be teasing her about her role in the movie A Frozen Flower.
  15. I'm pretty sure KJK was just poking fun at the situation and making jokes for the sake of variety (and SJH just backed him up), but I'm glad he said it anyway. It was unexpected and shady (lol) but still funny. Also, HH's reaction was so cute/sweet. I have a soft spot for any mapo sibling moment.
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