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  1. @spartaceluv98 sorry if this is the same video, but I can't see what you posted. It says the video is restricted in my country.
  2. I've always entertained the idea that SJH and KJK are like the type of couple (friends or otherwise) who don't realize they're being very couple-y until it suddenly hits them one day. There's no denying to us who watch them very closely that they do certain things that are quite too intimate to be explained away as a friends thing (though I do know that there are friends who are like that in intimacy levels). I won't list them down, I know we all have our moments in mind already lol. On the other hand, I also agree that there are moments where they make it hard to think that they are together. The vehement denials from KJK, the fact that SJH seems to simply enjoy teasing him regardless if it's with her or someone else, the sudden emergence and abrupt disappearance of their rm loveline, etc. I feel like regardless of their actual status, shipping them feels fun and rewarding because we can all see that they are close - they share a special bond that is different from the one SJH shares with LKS/YSC or JSJ/HH, and different from the one KJK shares with JSM. They have a comfort level with each other over the years that, if you choose to see it as a couple thing or a close friend thing, still feels really nice to witness.
  3. I haven't posted here in a while, but I'd like to share my story of how I started shipping spartace as someone asked above. I actually was a fan of MC as a fake loveline, I still think they were cute and funny and KG gave SJH something concrete to work with/react to as she was inexperienced in variety shows. I always accepted them as a fake couple though. Anyway I was watching some MC vids on youtube and of course there were SA vids in the suggestions. I watched a few of those and suddenly fell down a deep shipping hole lol. So thanks to makers of fanvids for helping bring people into the fandom!
  4. I don't wanna get too delusional and see things that are not there.. but I think we saw actual, unscripted hand-holding today lol
  5. @Adora Darkthanks for sharing your conversation with your friend! It's very insighful, though I must admit at times it felt like I was being scolded for something I haven't done lol. I know it's just a culture/personality thing though. Idk what to feel about SA as a ship lately, though I am sure that they are at least close friends in real life and I'm happy about that. Also, SJH has been getting more and more active in rm lately so whatever the cause of that is, I hope it continues.
  6. Anyway, I'm glad SJH seems to be getting more active on ig and posting more personal pics. I hope someday she'll be comfortable enough to interact with her rm members and other actor friends on there too.
  7. I'm sorry to say but the SA fandom's obsession with JSM (at least on instagram where I see it more) is making all of us in general seem like a bunch of haters to non-shippers. Both JSM and KJK have already established that they are just new friends starting to get close. No one seems to have a problem with SJH getting close and touchy with YSC recently but a lot have been hating on JSM for the same thing with KJK. For me, people are welcome to talk about their doubts and rants in this forum, but of course other people are free to reply as well. Perhaps sometimes when we feel doubtful about our ships, we tend to take it out on other people whom we feel are "separating" them, but that's not fair to the other person.
  8. All this news of SA interactions in the fan meet is making me so happy lol. Dating or not, I love knowing that they're close. Thanks, @Regita M. P On an unrelated note, I'm so jealous of people who get to go to rm fanmeets! I don't think they have enough fans here in the Philippines for them to ever come here, and if they do, they will probably do it only in the capital city. I'm so glad some of us here have had the experience though, because the stories are great lol.
  9. I've always known there's usually a big difference between i-fans' and k-fans' reactions to almost every idol/actor/show in SK, so I figured the rm pds might have done the whole SA loveline as a test or just throwing a bone to i-fans and it didn't work as well so they stopped it. I can see they're trying to start something again with JSM ans YSC which might also not work. Anyway, their decision to abruptly end the loveline turned out for the best as SA are clearly more comfortable interacting with each other without the comments from others. I also understand why SJH fans would be pissed off by having news about her and yet another rm costar circulating in tabloids. Personally, I thought MC was fun until it started spilling over to their lives outside rm and affecting their careers and personal lives. I think individual KJK and SJH fans just want to protect them from that.
  10. @Regita M. P Thanks for sharing your story! The videos from the airport look si hectic and crazy, I'm glad nobody got hurt. It's so sweet though that SJH looks to KJK for reassurance while walking through the crowd.
  11. Whether by accident out of surprise or out of just trying to keep a secret, it's still interesting that she said yes to that question then immediately said no. We don't know how accurate this transcript is or how honest it is though. But if it is, I'd be glad that she's happy (and yes, maybe slowly preparing her fans for some "big news")
  12. the first part of her answer is definitely that. My korean isn't good enough to translate the rest though other than I think she answered that nothing more needs to be said about it
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