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  1. lmao there's a troll in the dungeon, someone bring out the bug spray. Also: As discussed previously, SJH publicly attending KJKs concert or not would have affected her negatively either way: 1) if she attends publicly, people will go crazy with the shipping, 2) if she doesn't attend publicly, haters will come out and say she's not supporting him. Either way she can't win, but we stan an unbothered queen lol.
  2. ^Is the female guest SJHs friend from her beauty show?
  3. ^Bringing a feminist perspective here as a response so I'm putting it under a spoiler also
  4. I can honestly say as a shipper for years, I would also love for them to get married even if not with each other (if the jihyo dongwook dating news turned out to be true I would have been happy woth that lol). I like them as a couple and I like them as individuals. Don't worry, I think all of us here have had our moments of doubt because they're both such private people so all we have are guesses.
  5. KJK only stopped being comfortable doing skinship with SJH when the members started teasing them. Before he would grab her a lot, touch or casually, or let her touch him casually with no problem. Realistically, there are many possibilities for this: 1) KJK really just sees SJH as a younger sister and being in a loveline with her makes him uncomfortable - this would explain why he can play along with his other lovelines but not this one (idk a lot about his other lovelines though, has he ever referred to YEH or HJY as a sister?) 2) KJK and SJH are in a relationship but he is not yet ready to go public with it - this would also explain his discomfort and also explain why the other members love to tease them and he's okay with it even if his words say otherwise. 3) SJH is playing along but KJK can't because he's in a relationship that SJH doesn't know about - this would explain KJK's discomfort and SJH still playing along. However, it makes the least sense because even if SJH doesn't know, surely either LKS or HH would know aand they would not tease them so much. 4) SJH is in a relationship but is still okay with playing along but KJK is not out of respect for SJH's bf - this would make sense except for the fact that last time SJH had a bf, the show "ended" the MC loveline instead of encouraging it like they are now. Really we can't know for sure, they could all jist be playing a part in a fully scripted situation for all we know. But as shippers we would of course choose to be positive and base our assumptions on their previous interactions and their unaired footages.
  6. I find it funny and a little bit suspicious that before the loveline, KJK was the one who usually initiates the skinship between the two of them (a lot of videos of old spartace moments is him grabbing SJH or going near her, not the other way around) but now that there's a loveline, SJH is the one initiating and he is constantly denying it but still laughing anyway.
  7. I have an SA delulu that the rm editors are keeping their sweet/obvious scenes so that if(when?) KJK and SJH publicly announce their relationship, they can show a bunch of clips of sweet scenes that were kept from the viewers lol. This is 99% delulu but still I hope.
  8. We don't really know if SJH is the type who would believe in wedding traditions (iirc JSM also recently caught the flowers at her friend's wedding and she hasn't shown any signs of getting married soon), but to me it really looks like the bride purposely threw the flowers to her and she was expecting it so I'm sure an agreement was made there. Another scene that stood out to me was when JSM was joking about following LKS and YJS footsteps in finding love with someone they met in a TV show. During that whole conversation, SA weren't saying anything and no one was teasing them even though the conversation also fits their situation, which is also a bit fishy to me when you add it on top of everything else that's been happening.
  9. All these coincidences happening is getting my shipper heart too delusional lol. I'm just hoping for the best, but I'm so impatient for any kind of news for either of them, especially SJH. We didn't even get to see rm filming pics yesterday and we haven't seen any filming pics for her movie.
  10. There are some reasons I can think of as to why SJH has been more active with this loveline: 1) my most delulu reason: they are planning to announce their relationship (marriage?) soon 2) she likes KJK and is tired of waiting for him to make a move 3) she took some comments about her lack of energy in rm to heart and is trying to give more of what the audience wants to see 4) the least likely imo: she is in a relationship with someone else and is trying to cover it up with this LL. Regardless though, we've all noticed that SJH has been visibly happier lately. Someone also mentioned that she has been losing weight (could be because she's busy or for her movie role, but also could be in preparation for a wedding). She also cut her hair which could also easily be for the role but our delulu minds could say it's so that she could get it to her desired length for when she gets married lol. In all honesty, IF she is getting married soon, I'll be so happy for her, regardless if it's with KJK or not. (but of course if it's with KJK I'll be extra happy. There has to he a reason both HH and LKS are acting so suspicious around them lol)
  11. This is my favorite scene to rewatch in the most recent episode because you can see how KJK was ready to give SJH the food she wanted (I think it was him who asked "What do you want?") and he looked like he was about to get it for her, but KJY got it first and then suddenly KJK couldn't contain his jealousy LOL. And it was nice to see them arguing again like old times.
  12. Another observation: KJK commented that SJH looked sick when she arrived (trying to prove that she's part of the secret couple). This confirms to us that KJK pays attention to SJH from the moment they see each other, which is sweet.
  13. ^thank you as always for your translation/recaps! The car scene and the eating scene still makes me laugh so much lol. I love how most of the members were just ignoring KJKs jealous ranting. Is there a possibility that KJK and SJH are actually the secret couple?
  14. yes, the way KJK was acting (based on clips I've seen) is so funny, like he was so paranoid and stressed about the whole thing.
  15. I don't know of this is true, but from the video it did look like the bride purposely threw the bouquet directly at SJH (she threw it to the side instead of directly behind her like most brides do cmiiw). I hope this really is a sign! I'm sure the bride and guests are aware that videos will make its way to the internet at some point so my delulu mind thinks this is a subtle clue lol.
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