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  1. i watched ep 7 w/o sublast nite and rewatching again just now w/sub...and i dont understand korean language except some words that i picked up the meaning here and there...thats how obsessed i am toward this show...cant wait for tonite's ep...i reallllllllyyyyy hope EH finally confesses his feellings to DY..its really is frustrating to see the clueless DY(or she might be pretending to be clueless trying to deny her feelings towards EH to)..and oh boyyy..LJS sure is a great actor..the face expressions in all scenes are spot on!!!
  2. i looooveeee this drama sooo much!!! waiting for Saturday is painful...hehe...this drama can easily becoming 1 of my fav dramas of all time..after the end of the drama, i will decide if i like this drama better than the master's sun which is tops my all time fav dramas... i love how natural LNY potraying DY...this is my 1st time watching her drama..i know her as LJS's ideal type..now i feel like watching her other dramas too..her acting is soo natural it doesnt look like acting at all..and she is very pretty too..
  3. i cant wait for tonite's ep...from the preview it was hilarious when EH pissed off when DY keep nodding to the JSJ 's * I am very much interested in KDN*..LOL..that jealous face of EH - i died!...the chemistry between the OTP is amazing...we can really feel that they have been close with each other since forever..from ig comments and what not..they are sooo many people are being skeptical in giving this show a try because they think LNY looks much older than LJS ..i feel like fixing their eyes..heheeh....in my opinion they look great together...it represents some of real people out there who have this kind of noona-dosaeng relationship...if we can accept a much older actor acted alongside a much younger actress then we should be open to noona-dosaeng kinda relationship too..no double standard..just my 2 cents.. Oh well, This show really captivate my heart and i believe I wont drop this halfway as i did to Encounter..this story line is definitely fresh and I am very much like it that it centers to the - books - as it's true that printed books are getting less and lesser read by people nowadays especially younger generations as cellphones took over sooo many things...
  4. just finished rewatching ep 4 for the umpteenth time..hehehe.....cant wait for tonite's ep..hopefully DY finally acknowledges the love that EH has for her for a long time already...and we get to see the sweet moments of OTP tonite...be still my heart...lol
  5. i love this show so much! the most excited part is getting to see LJS acting together with his ideal type..LNY..he has been mentioning her as his ideal type since forever...he must be over the moon to finally get the opportunity to work with her..and the after ep 4, i know this show will continue to awe me with the story lines and the great acting from all the casts..LNY is soooo good in potraying DY she nails it! LJS as usual can look very manly and cute at the same time..and his gaze?? i wonder how is it possible that DY cant see through him all these years..that gaze can melt girl's heart in a heart beat...i will support this show till the end...daebak!!! P/S: I was active in soompi forum during W-Two Worlds supporting LJS and HHJ..but has not been on soompi ever since the show ended..i forgot my logon id and username both and had to register a new id..hehe..anything for LJS and LNY!
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