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  1. Thanks to a lof of cf..so that pmy fan got update and chance to see her while she not filming drama..why busted still don't have airing schedule..hopefully the rumour that pmy will have another drama before end of the year its true..
  2. Finally queen pmy back to work..while she was missing all her shipper active make predictions..all shipper have the same coincidence and predict..both changmin n park2couple talk about the same period time not active in ig..jwc post statue pictures at LA..park2 coincidence..jeamin analysis scene n ig to..that fun to read..can't wait to see her active again on work so her..
  3. Hopefully Netflix release busted s2 by july..they already filming last year
  4. Big applause to pmy for finishing hpl..and as always she got another shipper again..but after hpl her recent shipper before hpl so weird..what can i say ppc shipper it's the worst ever shipper to pmy..i will not ever comments again at that thread..i never hate pmy co star but i really wish pmy doesn't have any relationship with psj anymore because i really can't digest their shipper..now i understand why a lot of pmy fan doesn't like ppc. Not because psj but cause of their shipper..for first time i won't support something relate to pmy aka ppc..
  5. Sorry i go to this thread everyday..i read all from page 1 to page 532..all about pmy update news..nothing to me for backup or support at pmy thread.. Shipper can be give me whatever nick name they want..i accept everything..it's don't matter to me..as long as i can got info and what other thought about pmy at all her relate forum I'm ok.. Since i find this soompi forum I read all thread about pmy even old thread like minmin shipper thread..do don't need to ask me leave cause anything related to pmy i will read..
  6. Pmy in industry 13years already..her career and popularity up and down so many time..her career and popularity graph really wonderful.. this situation will happen to all celebrity..even ppc and other ship tell me to leave their thread but I'm still here..just to support all thing related to pmy and give my sincere thought about pmy..i like to read all pmy shipper thread cause it's fun..even their shipper don't like me i don't care..this is open forum so to non shipper just give your opinion but to make them agree with 100% its hard..
  7. My advice for you not arguing here cause no one will understand you..shipper always have different thinking and view from non shipper..hpl end today and as pmy fan even i really don't like storyline cause their script loss from original story but managed to finish from epi1 to end just because of pmy..hpl have their own fan and wwwsk have their own fan..this 2 drama have different taste..hppl end today so no need to compare and argue anymore..just keep it to yourself.. If you're pmy fan just support her unconditionally..whatever happens bad or good negative or positive comment just accept and appreciate pmy hard work..
  8. Obviously they happy..filming non stop will make all cast tired..that why pmy like to play around happily while filming so that their tiredness will less because they're enjoy while doing their work..
  9. Hpl popularity online just base on chemistry sdm and ryan gold and not about strongly stroryline..so last week primer of 3 new drama airing so media focus a lot to new drama..some drama catching netizen and being talk..i think next week will hard to those who became the rank 1 most talk this week because arthdal airing this weekend..
  10. What jungle are you come from..??suddenly come out and want to talk cause issues again..move on..
  11. I'm hear pmy will do another project before end year..not sure either local or oversea project..and also fanmeet..
  12. Please just shipping happily without comparing with each other..it's ok if you guys want compare between scene..but don't compare like hpl not got high ranting because kjw not popular and wwwsk high ranting because psj popular..don't psj vs pmy..this compare are not good and will make bad effect to pmy..
  13. The way you guys praise psj it make like pmy was nothing and only psj make pmy look good..that what i feel when i read the comments..I'm not deny psj popular because he just rising 3 ago..all psj got now pmy already got it first long year ago so no need to mention i already aware ..pmy 14year in industry she doesn't need that kind of popularity anymore..this why pmy doesn't need to be date with popular star cause it's ruin her..the last one lmh..it's trauma enough for her to date that kind of star..even she date psj it's never gonna make they happy at the end..because of this kind of fan who like to compare and make her look nott good..
  14. Just face the fact psj popular just because big hallu star not around all you talk about happen during that time..its normal male celeb got attention than female celeb cause most comment are from girl..so don't need to be so proud and make like pmy not is nothing..like you don't know about pmy it same with we and many other who don't know who is psj..not all people know pmy and not all people know psj..
  15. Than you should look dvd bts of healer..much more skinship than this..they even hug while reading scripts..she always date while filming after finish she back to normal..
  16. I like this idea..jusy don't start compare and say bad thing about pmy..don't like it..if you all want to delusional about shipper ok..but please don't say bad thing about other just to make your ship look real..
  17. No her biggest is sungkwang scandal and follow by city hunter..than she haitus 2year and than her popularity low down after that got back popularity after healer..than she go to chinese market than her popularity slow down again and gain back at wwwsk more te asian market..her popularity up and down..
  18. That why i just say psj just got popularity after ffmw..that it..i mentions right he popular after ffmw..he got many cf so on after that..he just got out at luck time while so many of big star in army..he lucky with time..pmy don't need in that kind of list like forbes..she will not let her private thing getting exposed...she already had that kind of list thing along time ago..what so big thing about fake forbes list...pmy already got all popularity even before psj got it now..psj just start but pmy already start along time ago..she doesn't need popularity like rising star like psj anymore..she not rising star..
  19. Pmy always playful in bts..it just the same as other drama..not really different..healer qf7d even in remember..she always date in her drama..
  20. Sorry but psj just getting popularity as lead from ffmw..and i watch ffmw after wwwsk..i not even really know who is psj before just seeing him in second lead in kmhm..so i don't think psj popularity help the drama..even hwarang got so many idol and psj as lead the ranting still low..at least hpl really popular international and most talk drama and actor every week..and hpl got better storyline than wwwsk.. Psj popular just because many of big hallu star on army..he out just on right time while big not around..
  21. How can you say pmy choose wrong drama..even as her fan i don't really like this genre but still she make a good decision..at her myday fan meeting the main reason she choose this script because pmy say it's about fan and she want to know more about her fan and how difficult being a fan..she always say to her fan that it very difficult to be her fan..so she really appreciate her fan..
  22. It's not like pmy want to move on from wwwsk..to pmy each project have their own value in her hearts..she just wants people appreciate her work not private love life..pmy herself wish for viewer to remember wwwsk for a long time from last iv with psj..so those who say pmy want move on definitely wrong she just want people keep support other project too..about her cold act at wwwsk bts i think pmy herself already say that she aware about dating rumor before shooting so to avoid rumor she already set mindset to carefull while filming wwwsk..but in the end rumor still come out..so don't simply believe what people say cause pmy will got hate because of that..
  23. Yes..some solid fan will have this thought..she look better with this actor and this actor but not really show shipper side..but solid fan still will show support to all her work..
  24. Actually the way shipper thought about their shipping are the same..i read ppc forum and labit forum..it's really 99% same thinking from about answers/ behaviour on interview to bts..maybe same person that why same thought i don't know..so to all shipper just believe what you believe..just don't try to make fan war cause at the end pmy who got hurt the most..that why her solid fan don't like she being ship..
  25. Woowww...look like the theory about pmy can make her non popular co star turn to a popular and a popular co star turn to more2 popular its true..at first i don't think kjw will be got a lot of of popularity from hpl cause he being in industry for a long time but its turn out really true the theory pmy can make her co star popular..
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