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  1. But..a new leaf..not really..that drama just waste pmy talent n skill..the good thing from this drama is pmy can learn more about acting from senior..at that time it's better if pmy accepts role of doctor stranger..
  2. Yeahh..since early career she already taste how bad if celebrity become a focus to media..she is wise enough to control her popularity..she know the right time when she need to expose and open to media..she want people to remember her for drama character rather than pmy..so she doesn't need that kind of thing to promote her name..she already make it along time ago..
  3. While pmy busy doing her duty and so good on that..a shipper forum keep question why pmy never be a cover girl to top mag like her oppa shipper..and hoping for it..if they really know pmy..they will know why..pmy even decline and very selected at some of cf offer..what magazine cover..?she it not someone who like being on spotlight..it's even take her 10years to be at expose and open to reality show and media..she really have very good relationship with media if she want to be cover she can do anytime..it just she doesn't need that kind of thing..when she agree to do iv and photoshoot with mag before and after project that a good thing already.. Why that shipper like to question about pmy abilities..why she not on forbes..why she not on cover top magazine..compared her to other and their oppa..she have the right choose what she like or not..just respect her principle and decision..don't make your assumption..
  4. Thanks to a lof of cf..so that pmy fan got update and chance to see her while she not filming drama..why busted still don't have airing schedule..hopefully the rumour that pmy will have another drama before end of the year its true..
  5. Finally queen pmy back to work..while she was missing all her shipper active make predictions..all shipper have the same coincidence and predict..both changmin n park2couple talk about the same period time not active in ig..jwc post statue pictures at LA..park2 coincidence..jeamin analysis scene n ig to..that fun to read..can't wait to see her active again on work so her..
  6. Big applause to pmy for finishing hpl..and as always she got another shipper again..but after hpl her recent shipper before hpl so weird..what can i say ppc shipper it's the worst ever shipper to pmy..i will not ever comments again at that thread..i never hate pmy co star but i really wish pmy doesn't have any relationship with psj anymore because i really can't digest their shipper..now i understand why a lot of pmy fan doesn't like ppc. Not because psj but cause of their shipper..for first time i won't support something relate to pmy aka ppc..
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