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  1. Hpl charts..cindy and sin an have relationship..but maybe just fan and idol..Ryan and sin an off course have relationship
  2. I solid pmy fan..i didn't ship her with anyone..but i have to agree about different thing between pmy+psj..it clearly pmy be herself again like in other previous drama playful and talkative during bts..but in wwwsk she so careful and look like psj more active..that why a lot of netz comment sometime pmy behaviour to psj look so cold..pmy chemistry is good with every actor..no need to compare cause each other have different opinion..
  3. If psj really pmy bf..he need to extremely careful whatever way to make sure their relationship not be revealing..if they caught by media than pmy will get hurt so much..don't let pmy go through hardship for second time..its take a long time to pmy recover from bashing and to make her be open like this almost 10years..
  4. That right..the fantasy make this drama a bit off..look not suitable and annoying ..please take it off..editing also not good...wwwsk editing is super..but hpl storyline better..
  5. Yeahh..wwwsk just hearts fluttering love story between lead...so strong chemistry it's really important..pmy + psj success to make the story like real..their chemistry attract the knetz and inetz
  6. First episode its really something wrong..but after 2nd ep it's interesting..plot run so fast..epi 4 there are already kiss scene..look like hpl will have more love and hot scene than wwwsk..i like hpl plot than wwwsk..now i realised wwwsk plot slow and really have 'mildang' a lot..but chemistry between ppc really save the story and rating..beside wwwsk don't have stong competing drama around that time..while hpl have strong competition drama at public channel
  7. I think pmy choose light drama..first because of her fan..she want to know more about being a fan..second she want to stop dating rumor being talk..she want to divert attention..she also say filming romcom make her happy..
  8. I don't think so..both psj and pmy can balance not because of psj on purpose..but because both success to carry their character..even before wwwsk choose heroin pmy already attract audiences and got top vote as lead..they like the strong women character who have strong identity and not easy to being bully even don't have anything it make her character different from other drama..psj carry his character perfectly..being arrogant and sarcastic but in a unique way..so they are balance..
  9. I think all the cast in hpl are good..but not luck because airing time same with dr prisoner that already airing before hpl and dr prisoner success to attract viewers + at public tv..hpl cable tv..after epi 2 hpl got many positive criticism it good..but hpl the drama are most popular and top at international it good..wwwsk did not have strong competition around airing time..
  10. But a lot more comment say they watch drama because of pmy..a lot of comment say they did not know male lead..its just based on who her fv actor..that normal comment..and the one who like to comment fangirl..actor always got love more than actress..its not easy to be an actress in Korea..so actress like pmy age success to maintain her popularity and trust n respect after 14years in industry it's big success already..
  11. But i think rating for hpl still cont low cause airing time same as dr prisoner...maybe hpl will popular around international fan..like yesterday hpl trending top on international..
  12. Yup..how come pilot epi like that..seem like pmy will gain a lot new fan from idol fan..a lot of idol fan like and praise her..bts exo fan cause of karaoke scene..even that video on Twitter almost reach to 1million view in less than 1hour..
  13. Next episode will have dating scandal sin an..but how can for today epi hpl got a lot of good comment review from knetz..suddenly all switch..for epi 2 we can see her character its different from wwwsk but her style appearance look like wwwsk..
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