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  1. @mslilith I just googled a live stream and clicked on the first link. Not exactly sure if it's against the rules here to post links, but here it is: [link removed] Let me know if it's against the rules and I'll remove it.
  2. Anyone watched the livestream? So, Jung Won's pregnant. Who's the daddy? Min Ho or Woo Hyuk? This is the complicated part. Sleeping with two men, though one just died. *sigh I'm slowly losing interest in this show. I might just wait til all episodes are out and watch the ending. I'll wait for tomorrow's episode and decide. And anyone else also maybe rooting for Yoo Ra and Woo Hyuk too or is it only me?
  3. Yup, @ymiss. If they went that way, there'd be no story to tell. I am hoping the writers won't drag on the guessing game on who killed Min Ho. I also wonder about the scene in the hospital where Min Ho came to Hae Sook's (chairman's wife) room. He said it wasn't the first time he "came back from the dead..."or something along those lines, which brought me to think he could've staged his death. For what motive, I don't know. It's a shame Min Ho is already dead though (or is he?). It would've been interesting to watch him and Woo Hyuk clash.
  4. @ymiss yes! I am actually looking forward on how that certain article led to their marriage. Woo Hyuk being the killer could be a possibility too. But why kill him and leave the scene? As a prosecutor, he could've called in the authorities, tell them what happened and say it was self-defense - to defend himself as well as Jung Won. Based on the state of the room, Jung Won's bruises and being the witness herself, the police could find it plausible. The questions that come after is another story though lol ie. What was Woo Hyuk doing there at that time?; Did he follow Jung Won? Why? etc. At this point, their affair will be known. Lol. I'm still confused about the whole "okay with being the only one hurting" from Jung Won. Who is she protecting? Woo Hyuk? Someone or something else? I have a small doubt that it is Woo Hyuk as Min Ho was beating/hitting her and kept quiet about it before she even got to know Woo Hyuk personally. And I agree about Yoo Ra. That woman is a mystery too! Heck, everyone in this show is a mystery!
  5. I call it now. Jung Won did kill or hired someone to kill Min Ho. Also, I have a crazy thought that she is just playing Woo Hyuk. She is an actress after all. I mean, a husband (Min Ho) who constantly beats his wife, and a man (Woo Hyuk) who basically led to her abusive marriage. She might be the character here who is seeking her revenge. Don't get me wrong, the main leads have amazing chemistry, *cough*hot kisses*cough* and I would like to see them together in the end (please drama gods, writer-nim, and to the powers that be) but with this kind of show, who knows what'll happen but I'm expecting it won't be a good one.
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