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  1. The image text says: "Please tell me you're curious." That's about as much as my limited Korean can translate with confidence. The insta post says something like: Sorry about the extremely limited translation, but I think he's ruminating in a playful way whether he should post a funny picture or not and asking his insta followers if he should post it. All the replies are like: I want to see it. I want it. Release it. I'm curious.
  2. @triplem Thank you for the welcome. @turtlegirl You're welcome.
  3. It's so lovely to see them all out together! I speak really basic, kindergarten-level Korean only, but I'll try to translate a few more of the hashtags, because a couple of them are really funny Apologies in advance if I get some wrong. I'll put (?) next to the ones I'm not sure about. @triplem Not sure how to edit in your post, but thanks to your question about the writers, I think I was able to translate one of the hashtags. At first I thought it was #makeupartists but something about writers seems more likely. Thank you!
  4. Maybe because Netflix is producing? They're really different from other k-drama producing houses and networks. With "Kingdom" - another Netflix production - they announced a second season months before the first season aired. Netflix has all that data on what and how we watch, and maybe their algorithms + the quality of footage already shot gave them confidence there'd be demand for another season. Also, because it's Netflix, all their in-house original productions get written (and sometimes voice) translation subs in several languages. That probably adds some extra post-production time.
  5. There'll probably be subbed video of this out soon, but I'll describe it here. It was a cute scene. They were playing a game, and everyone had to talk about a time when their heart fluttered at work. Jeon Somin said that most recently her heart fluttered around Gong Myoung and Kim JiSeok. They were her own picks. They asked her to make a choice between GM and KJS. She said it was difficult to pick, because GM is too adorable and KJS is "sexy" style. Then she asked the PD when this episode of RM would be broadcast (February 3rd). When she heard that, she picked GM right away lol. Her answer was, at least in part, a joke/punchline that Top Star Yoo Baek is over. p.s. Hi Everyone. I lurked the whole season, and enjoyed this drama + all your posts. p.p.s. I almost forgot. They asked her about Lee Sang Yeob, since he was in the drama too. Somin said that he didn't make her heart flutter. That they're family.
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