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  1. Why do I feel like that everyone is a villain lol ? This drama is so unhealthy (but I love it so far). Obviously Chairman Song but also Vice chairman Tak, Jang Entertainment, SYA's prosecution chiefs, the rookie actress Youngmi and even SYA's father (he scares everyone plus he looks worried at his daughter's investigation), LTK even tho he will see the light in the next episodes... basically everyone. South Korea's law system is known for being really corrupted but damn. I'm guessing that Jang Entertainment is one of chairman Song business, they hire young women and they promise them a debut but in fact it's a prostitution service for Song's clients ? They probably kill the women who want to leave / talk about this business ? Idk. Pretty sure there will be a new romance between LTK and SYA, not a "cute" one but I do believe their relationship didn't end. He probably left her with no reason after his brother's death but still cares about her. The drama is good so far and the acting is solid, the plot is moving up quickly, good point for this genre because it can be boring really fast. Can't wait to see the next episodes and to know who is the biggest villain out of them.
  2. The saddest part of this show is not KSH's death but the fact that he has been used his whole life and never knew what true happiness is. He looked so miserable the whole time. I was so moved when he said to KHY that he should have thought of his own daughter while using him like he's nothing. And once again the ending was perfect, it looked so peaceful, we know that Seulgi forgave DHJ about KSH's death. They used to be four (KSH, DHJ, Seulgi and Philip), laughing together, now it's just the two of them : DHJ protecting little Seulgi.
  3. Well this drama sure has a lot of flaws but that ending scene with DHJ/LYE and Seulgi was truly beautiful.
  4. Oh ok, I miss that part. Thought it would have been more dramatic. Still a good point tho. Anyway, Kill It filming has officially ended today. The cast did a great job
  5. Episode 9 was tragic, you just CAN'T have a boring 9th episode when there are only 12. Thanks god episode 10 was intense and interesting but I can't believe that next week is the drama finale when there are still a lot of unanswered stuff. Seulgi still doesn't know about KSH, are you serious writers ??? Like I said previously, DHJ should have find out about KSH in episode 5-7, then fight against him for a moment with the police team and then team up (secretly, without the police team knowing) with him to kill or arrest DJH ceo to revenge the killed children. Well that's how I wanted it. Don't want to be the perv one but I really wanted a hot scene(s) between the leads. Both are gorgeous and obviously attracted to each other and we only get that "call when you need me" common bs while cutely grabbing the coat, just no. Come on you're OCN, give me sexual tension. /perv mode off I would give this show a 5/10, maybe 6 if the finale is great. OCN should thanks the leads charisma and acting cause they basically save the whole show. The plot really is interesting but too confusing and most importantly too SLOW. 12 episodes felt really looong, I don't understand people who are begging for 16 episodes on OCN ig and facebook ??
  6. I'm relieved that the story is finally moving up. Karma is hitting Chairman Do so hard, i'm living for this. Everyone wants to kill / arrest him : Ko Hyeon Woo, his assistant, KSH, DHJ and I'm pretty sure the prosecutor knows about him (and that's why he's giving all these hints to DHJ, pretty sure the article for DHJ was him). There are only a few mysteries left now, we know about the leads' past and about Chairman Do's assistant's motivation, about Hansol orphanage and the surgeries... What's left? The blue eyes, the prosecutor's motivation and Seulgi's past (and family ?). I'm so glad that there are only 12 episodes, I even think that 10 episodes would have been the best. There were a lot of slow and unnecessary moments between ep 5-8.I saw a lot of negative comments about that. The romantic moments are also a miss for some viewers but I really like them. Give me a lovely set, a cute bg music, stunning leads with great acting and you can count me in. DHJ better be careful, KSH's clients and now her adoptive father probably want her dead!
  7. Episode 7 live recap : Episode 8 preview : And finally the confrontation, short but intense !
  8. Wait so there is another Hansol Ophanage ? DHJ's father keeps getting worse omg. I really want to know about the lead's past (+ Seulgi), there is so much mystery.. about KSH's blue eyes (it must be big since it was the original title) and about the real DHJ and how LYE took her place. Anyway I don't think there will be any love line since there are only 6 episodes left, the romantic scenes with sweet words and music background are all we can get I guess lol. I don't wan't a sad ending tho, everyone thinks KSH will be killed but I actually think it will be DHJ/LYE since she's more fragile and close to the devil CEO. Can you guys tell me if Seulgi knows that KSH was in the Busan countryside house during Minhyuk's death ? I thought she recognized him and stand by him anyway but then she's planning to give some KSY/Pavel drawings to LYE/DHJ ?
  9. Here is ep 6 live recap while waiting for the subs : Damn so KSH's client will also turn against him ? Lol this man has a lot of enemies.
  10. Seems like DHJ will sneak into KSH's house / room in ep 6. I guess she will find out about his true identity soon, I don't know if she will report this to the prosecutor to avenge her past lover or if she will team up with him to resolve the orphanage case. Well she's slowly falling in love with him and she realized that he is her childhood friend so I don't think she will report him. I just hope she won't be like "well ok", I need them to fight and be enemies for one moment, even if it is just for a few minutes lol. I also think that the Seulgi / KSH part is a mistranslation, it doesn't make sense if he's her father, wtf. That would be some extreme bioethics mess. DHJ adoptive father is such an evil man, this scene where we see all the dead children is so disturbing.
  11. Well today's episode was pretty intense, not sure about what was going on but I'll wait for the subs of course. Not suprised with the love scenes, I read some articles that came out during actors casting and they described the drama as "melo-thriller" so.
  12. Nana Receives Casting Offer For Choi Jin Hyuk’s Potential New Drama On March 7, industry insiders began reporting that Nana had joined the cast of “Justice.” “Justice” is a KBS drama based on the 2017 web novel of the same name by Jang Ho. It tells the story of Lee Tae Kyung, a lawyer who has lost his family due to unjust authority and money, who makes a deal with a devilish man named Song Woo Yong in order to get his revenge. Choi Jin Hyuk has been reported to be in talks for the role of Lee Tae Kyung and Son Hyun Joo is in talks for the role of Song Woo Yong. Nana’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, replied to the reports with the statement, “It is true that she has received a casting offer for the female lead role in ‘Justice,’ but she is filming a drama right now. We are not even in the stage of negotiations about this offer yet.” If Nana accepted the role, she would be playing Seo Yeon Ah, the only daughter of a lawyer family. Following in the steps of her father, who is the Public Prosecutor General (known in the United States as the Attorney General), she decides to become a prosecutor. However, she quickly gains a bad reputation in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. She is also secretly in love with Lee Tae Kyung. Nana is currently filming the OCN weekend drama “Kill It.” “Justice” is scheduled to premiere sometime in July. > https://www.soompi.com/article/1308579wpp/nana-receives-casting-offer-for-choi-jin-hyuks-potential-new-drama
  13. This scene is so heart fluttering omg (the bg music, the snow, the visuals). I really don't know what to think about them tbh, is it love / flirt or more like brother-sister relationship..?? I can't wait to know.
  14. So I just finished episode 2 and obvioulsy I get way more things in english (DHJ family, Seulgi's situation...). It seems like DHJ adoptive father is the villain of this show, idk. I enjoyed it more than the first episode (probably because I understand more things now) . It's kind of weird that there is ABSOLUTELY NO love ambiguity between the leads so far, maybe they are really siblings.. Wouldn't care tho, they're still cute (particulary that snow walking scene with background music lol). Can't wait for episode 3, hope they will finally "fight" or at least a tension face to face.
  15. So I watched the pilot and it was pretty good. + The fighting scenes are very realistic, the acting is great so far, the drama is beautiful (im not talking about the leads lol but I love the colors, the filming locations, the directing...). - The story is kind of slow, I know it's the pilot and we need some characters introductions but they better hurry up if there are really 11 episodes left, the red mafia doesn't even scare me so I hope there is a big villain behind them, and finally I hope we won't have the love story too fast.. I need JKY and Nana to fight a little bit more. Can't wait for tonights episode, I feel like the drama is starting NOW.
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