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  1. T The Princess Returns-I watched up to ep 20, which is where the eng subs ended. I'm going to check a few other sites, to see if I can find the rest of the ep with subtitles. As Flowers Fade, I had started watching, but if he doesn't die or something awful happen, I'll go finish watching it-at least as long as the ep have subtitles.
  2. Hey, it's alright. Stuff happens. I can't remember if I checked dailymotion or not. A lot of times, they will have vids, with eng subs, that no one else has. Also, vimeo, and viki. I found a couple of other sites for a different program, but the security software on my computer wont let me open them. Asianview or something like that. I dont remember now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO0wlep-vMM here is a link to filming on Tomb raider Reboot, little late since they wrapped up principle filming, but better late than never. It was posted a couple days ago.
  3. Okay, I did find it on youtube, but no eng sub, sadly. Anyway, here is the playlist link.
  4. Well, there seems to be a problem, or two. It claimed to have eng sub on the first half(?) or so, but there doesn't seem to be any way to turn them on. Also, there seem to be viruses on the site, drat it. sigh... Thanks for trying.
  5. Do you have a link for Love For Three Lifetimes? I haven't been able to find that one yet. Thanks for the info!
  6. Okay, info gathered and amended. Along with a nice photo. Admin, can you please help me set up the actor's bio, here? I'd like it to look as neat and tidy as everyone else.
  7. Doesn't he die in As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky? I will certainly take a look at these two. Thank you!
  8. I've been watching some of the dramas and films ZYL has done. And so far, wonderful work, BUT... can anyone tell me if he has ever played a character that doesn't end up horribly tragicly alone, dead, or turned into a bad guy? It would be nice to NOT be shouting NO NO NO! at the end of every program. The neighbors already think I'm weard. lol
  9. Just wanted to make sure that it was the right area to put this, before I put work and time into it. I will get some done on it tomorrow, promise.
  10. I have a question... I may have asked this already, so please forgive me if I have. Does anyone know where to purchase dvds of dramas or movies? Legal, not bootlegs. Used copies are fine, but does need to play in Region 1, where I am, and have Eng subs. In original packaging. I've looked on Amazon, not much luck, though I did fine a few things that can be rented to watch through Amazon Prime. But I would really love to have my own sets, if that is possible.
  11. This needs to be taken down, as the link is booby-trapped. It's been taken over by a virus-I know because I fell for it.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but just in case, Oh My General is on youtube, with all episodes engsub for us non-mandarin speakers. And I love it.
  13. I don't know if there is a topic thread here for him or not, if so, please merge them.
  14. Does anyone know when the new Tomb Raiders will be out? I wont get to see them until someones posts them on youtube, but it still be nice to know. Probably not until 2020? Or the later part of 2019, I would guess.
  15. Thank you, BreezeC, for posting all these! I dont think I've ever seen a KFC commercial done so elegantly, lol. And, have you ever noticed, in these Behind the Scenes vids, he figets, a LOT.
  16. I imagine that getting the translations on the correct time/frame is the most time consuming part of it. That is HARD, getting the translations on the right spot, so they aren't either before, or long after where they are suppost to go. And NO, that is not meant as a criticism of the people doing translating. I take my hat off to anyone who try's this.
  17. Thanks for the link to Substitute Bride-I shortened the link because what you posted had a HUGE amount of script running across the screen. Here is the shortened link https://www.bilibili.com/video/av4421773/
  18. Sorry, what I had read was it was canceled. Guess the post was wrong. My apologies. I got Guardian confused with another program, that's what happened.
  19. Well, I just finished watching Guardian. Now, I need to find the novel and-the English translation isn't very good, but, at lest it's something. I also see why the government suppressed the show. There was another season planned and ready to start filming, when they were shut down. That ending, was too much like lovers saying goodbye, until we meet again. Anyway, if anyone wants the link to the English language novel, please let me know, and if it is permitted, I'll post the link here. And yeah, I cried too. And I don't cry easily.
  20. Also, does anyone know what this is? The heading says Run Through Time, but I'm not sure that's the title. Here is the link
  21. Nope-it's blocked. I did find Resurrection-but it doesn't have English subtitles, sadly. Here is the link I'm going to look on Amazon.com-see if I can find some of these. Amazon prime rents movies digitally for cheap. I'll let y'all know what I find. Also, does anyone have a link for Da Ming Pin Fei?
  22. Okay, here is the link to the only thing I've been able to find on White Fox Spirit/White Fox Fairy. http://taoshu6.com/tuku/44984.html This and a few stills from the drama on a google image search, is all I've been able to locate. Darn it!
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