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  1. Thanks! I've been doing that and found some of the info I was looking for. But a lot of sites dont list the names of screenwriters. And that's one of the major bits of info I have to have.
  2. How long before it's on youtube, do you think? I'm in the US, so youtube is probably my best chance to see it.
  3. I want to find out the names of screenwriters for some Chinese movies/dramas, but I dont understand Mandarin. Would I be able to ask for help from soompi members, and where would I need to post it?
  4. I checked the Directory and couldn't find this drama listed for Mainland China. I had some questions I would like to ask, so I hope this is alright. Does anyone know the name of the screenwriter? The person who wrote the screenplay, not the novelist. Unless they are the same. Also, does anyone know if the uncensored screenplay is online anywhere? I would love to read it, if that is a possibility.
  5. Sorry, Can you tell me the novel title? All I know about the books are the author's name and that he wrote series. Thanks for the link! I appreciate it! Never mind, I found it, did a google search. The site you gave me doesn't seen to have translation of Tianya Mingyue Dao, so I will have to keep looking.
  6. What sequel, please? Are talking about one of the novels-if so which, maybe I can find it in Eng.-If a drama or film, could you please tell us title? Thanks
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