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  1. I decide to keep away from this drama for a while too......I dont understand how the writers would think such a storyline can help ratings? What are we, 20 years ago? We audience are much better now... Anyway, for my own good, I will wait until perhaps the finale time to binge on the SJ-SY parts and fast forward through it
  2. You are right on this point. but I am afraid it would be a bloody bath to take her down. I just really want SJ to have a longer time enjoying his relationship without knowing all these ugly stuff and his disease. Now with his father's permission for marriage, it is the happiest moment of his life~
  3. Why SY is talking to Ms Hong in private again? Doesn't she know how toxic the woman is? I really cannot understand what leverage Hong still has on SY, seriously? It was already nice of SY not slapping her in private, why she is still talking to the evil witch? Your poor boyfriend is dying to marry you and is really DYING, and you are still thinking about get something done with your marriage? Something is twisting my stomach here......I dont know, I just cannot see SY is surrendering to Ms Hong again for her threats, because she is not supposed to have any left! If it happens, it is really hard for me to feel for SY any more~ Tragic background and experience does not warrant you to make bad decisions every time, not to mention making use of the man who is desperately in love with you again...?
  4. About the new girl: Very interesting because she surely get the "manipulative schemer" look in her like a younger Ms Hong, and she is the one the famous match maker found for Ms Hong as SH's potential love interest. She looks attractive and seems trying hard to flirt with SH so deliberately, I really feel she is very shady and suspect about her intention here. But SH does not look interested in her that way when responding her flirtation. It would be a good surprise if the new girl HN actually wants to sabotage Ms Hong ~ I heard Ms Hong said "I want to partner with you again, or do you want to just watch it by side?" I am not sure who she is talking to, I really hope it is not SY, cause I cannot stand SY conspires with Ms Hong again! At this point, there is not any legitimate reasons for SY to collude with Hong for anything at all! Please writer it is not SY she is talking to! And just let the two adorable leads get married already without so much contingency!
  5. I really hope the proposal thing is not so complicated. I sort of blamed SY, or maybe she was caught in surprise, but still I am the kind of person that cannot tolerate interest exchange in intimacy relationship. When SJ proposed, she asked "If I said yes and get married to you, can you kick Ms Hong out of LX?" This is a joy killer to me! This is the most important moment in SJ's life, why does SY has to exchange it with SJ for their marriage? Like I said, I really think SY made lots of bad or unwise decisions, even though she is the No.1 lead. I don't agree with her on the timing of asking it, but I understand where she is coming from after SD told her about the bathroom trick Ms Hong pulled to get her surrogate. Well again, SJ's generosity to SY is limitless, he just would do anything for her happiness. Next ep SY and Ms Hong will confront again, but now I already have this sense of failure on SY because she did not even win the evil witch once!!! Every time SY gets bullied by Ms Hong so much and can only cry and stare at her without any solutions! I have to fast forward it because I cannot watch the same situation again and again for one more second! However.........asking SJ to kick her out at the proposal......Just ......makes me very uncomfortable. I dont know whether in the split second SY has already been through what her marriage life is going to be as LX's heir's wife so Hong has to be out of the picture, or she would just grab any opportunity to get rid of Hong? I am a romanic, I dont like linking romance with such a power move.
  6. I will keep the hopeful thinking that they are getting married first
  7. It is true the usual plot in Kdrama when one lead is sick is he/she will try to break up to protect the other one. But I just really want to see their life after they get married for a while, cause they are going to be super adorable and sweet as the wife and husband I would rather SJ gets to know it after their wedding so that at least they already get married, and we will see SJ kisses SY in the wedding Besides, I just want to mention SJ's words when SH was trying to talk SJ out of the romance with SY because she was paid, after SH saw their cute moments in the hall way. SJ said, "I don't care how many people accused SY and pointed fingers on her, the only thing I want to do is breaking their fingers." WOW, Isn't he the most sweet and loving man in the world? He is the very definition of "When a man loves a woman"! That is why SJ's characters are so attractive to women, because he always speaks his mind and does not hide his true feelings, and he has super sweet teeth to express it On the other hand, SH said "My love for SY would have only been more than yours, and even I regretted......" I was like "WOW, man, you really have no idea of 'LOVE'~ What you had is not love, at least not it after you met again. The thing you had is the childhood sweet memory with the little girl and your extended fantasy for her after decades, which somehow created your very unrealistic obsession of marrying her and sense of ownership on her. You have no idea what she is like now~ How strong and persistent she is in protecting and taking care of the family as the breadwinner, but it is just so easy for SJ to see through her and tell his father these about SY. Your judgements on people are so twisted by your mother that the little brother who is considered naive and immature is a better judge of characters. Your childhood was so sad that you counted all your hopes for happier future on SY when you reunited, but it is your one-side baseless fantasy for a girl you do not know that well any more, not hers. She does not owe you anything and is not responsible for your unilateral imagination. Failing to find it is your own problem, not hers and any other ones', because she is a real person, not some image that only lives in your fantasy. Your mother's ambition for LX since you were a child made you suffer a lot because she tried to court SJ and his father, so you had to take care of SJ against your will. It was very very sad for sure...But it is your mother's fault, not SJ's because he was also only a little boy and had no idea what your mother did to you. You cannot blame SJ for everything when you cannot get your way with SY. Even without SJ, she would eventually make the same decision to keep away from you because you don't have the characters which she would fell for you. Your failure to pursue SY has nothing to do with SJ, she would not be with you anyway, and you cannot make her happy, either. At some point, your desire for SY is not about her any more, but about winning SJ because you feel you have lost so much due to him, and SY is the only thing that you think you have advantage over him. Having her is your trophy that you finally win him once. That is not love any more, that is objectification on SY. Either way, you don't have a shot with her from the beginning, fundamentally because of your mother. What you have been through is tragic, but what you really need is psychological intervention and therapy, not pinning your misery on others and you would not be fixed by making them or everyone miserable. You need to let it go, and let yourself off the hook, by first leaving your evil mother."
  8. Gals, I am officially physically disgusted! from now on I think even say "Hong" I will puke..... This is the most evil and gross move I have EVER seen,.......wait, I need to use the bathroom to puke..... TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING, I CANNOT............ Just watched it with subs, looks like he is.....
  9. sorry to cut your post Is SJ proposing to SY just yet? They are getting married?
  10. I am surprised that the writer would describe the professionals like doctors in their country in such unprofessional way~ Usually Kdrama describes their life much fancier than it really is......Have no idea why the writer took pleasure in making their hospitals and doctors look so so so so bad~
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