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  1. You're right chingu. What matters most is their happiness Heart must be strong because anytime the ship can sink with their marriage announcement
  2. I know those predictions can’t be trusted at all but I read 2 recent predictions saying that PSH and her bf are still together and suddenly I got frustrated. Haha silly me! I don’t think they’re dating too because I believe HB will tell the truth to his fans. But when I look back at the groceries shopping pictures I become doubtful. Plus they’re are going to film a romantic drama together and may fall in love like when he dated her co-star after world within drama. Sorry if anybody feels uncomfortable with my post, just want to share my frustration about the future of our beloved couple PSH and HB
  3. I'm really missing them lately and getting bored watching MOA, the BTS of MOA, playing jenga, etc all over again. No news about them Now both will be busy with their respective drama and movie. I'm looking forward for PSH's movies and HB's drama but what if HB announce her marriage with SYJ after their drama like the infamous soon to be divorced couple? My heart is not ready... I just read @_kpredictions on twitter saying PSH and CTJ are still dating. I know i should not believe it but... silly me!
  4. Happy birthday to our amazing actress and the most wonderful person ever Shin Hye! Our beautiful Emma, gorgeous and kind-hearted Jung Hee Joo. May Jin Woo finds his way back to Hee Joo and Hyun Bin - Shin Hye find their way back to each other! Will HB gives her a beautiful pair of earrings as birthday gift? Haha... Birthday trivia - His ex-gf shares the same birth date and age as Shin Hye
  5. Hmmm I don’t know how to respond to this... Although I hope HB-PSH will be together in real life, get married, hv kids, being happy together forever and all that... But I can’t deny the fact that currently PSH is dating other guy and they’re still together until earlier this year because someone spotted them with LSK in a hot pot restaurant in Jan 2019. We know HB was spotted with SYJ in LA too and it’s around SYJ’s birthday. Although they denied that they’re dating, it’s because they may just want to date secretly or they’re interested to each other but haven’t officially become lovers yet. As PSH long time fan, I’m sad because people is judging her because of the man she chose. Personally I don’t really like CTJ but PSH likes her so he must be a good man? It’s her life anyway. I don’t trust the guy but I trust PSH because she’s not only beautiful but smart and matured. CTJ can get along with her family and friends really well, it’s his plus point. PSH never want to make her relationship public but she was forced to admit it because Dispatch already released her picture with CTJ and her family. Dispatch may retaliate and release other private pictures if she didn’t admit the relationship like what Dispatch did when they leaked her photos with LJS. I think she just want to protect her parents. And PSH has already dating CTJ since first half of 2017, earlier than what the news reported. In regard to this, HB and PSH may have different view about make their relationship public. If u follow the dating history/news of these 2 beautiful people, u’ll understand what I mean. CTJ always has time to meet and help PSH’s parents in their restaurant. Can HB does that? He’s a very famous actor, has many job offers and care about his exclusivity. I guess that’s why PSH chose CTJ because he’s not so famous and less popularity richard simmons to deal with? This is just my personal opinion. In one interview long time ago, the interviewer listed down her co-stars and asked to rate her most possible bf to be. She rated LMH as the lowest because she said she and LMH is impossible because he’s too famous (this is before the heirs). Only she knows why she said what she said. Having said this, I still have a tiny hope about HB-PSH couple because the future is not ours to see, que sera sera... anything can happen, they can be together, or they may get married to other person. Not CTJ or SYJ... If they’re meant for each other, fate will bring they together. If not, just move on and life must goes on... Peace! =)
  6. I was MinShin hardcore shipper (my first ship ever) and was really heartbroken over LMH dating news with Suzy. After that I've moved on from that ship and learnt from my mistake, to no ship Shin Hye with her co-stars. I just ship her casually with LJS and KRW because Shin Hye looks good with everyone! After MOA, I can't help but to ship Shin Hye and Binnie... Among her previous co-stars, I like Binnie the most because he responded well to Shin Hye's words/action. He's so professional and well-mannered too
  7. Nooo... pls no! I'm not ready for any of them to get married so soon! I want to see their reunion first in movie/drama before they get married, unless they're going to marry each other. Hehehe... Binnie is reaching 40 in 2-3 years, so i think he's seriously looking for gf-wife material... Shin hye is turning 30 soon so both at a perfect age to get married I hope their respective career will be blooming within the next 2-3 years and find their way back to each other. Delusional much eh? Nope, this is just my hopeful and wishful thinking, as an admirer to these 2 beautiful people, inside and out...
  8. Hahaha... I was thinking about it too! Maybe Binnie can build relationship with her parents first by visiting their restaurant... hehehe Honestly I dunno whether HB is PSH's ideal type and vice versa. I dont know HB, but PSH tends to have close relationship with guys around her age and her relationship always started from being friend, but HB is 8 years older than her (oppa relationship). If CTJ has not completed his military service, maybe they have chance! If CTJ-PSH dont get married before he enters the military!
  9. Me too! I tried not to ship PSH-HB in real life because I'm PSH avid fan and well aware of her relationship with CTJ, but cant help it because they're too beautiful together. My eyes were too happy to see them in MOA, the BTS, press conference, etc. When HB's 2nd dating rumour surfaced, I was scared he'll confirm his relationship with SYJ because he always does and there was pictures of them together. But he didn't, and I'm still worried HB-SYJ just want to keep their relationship private and will announce their marriage later like Song-Song couple. Hahaha...dunno why I put unnecessary emotional sufferings to ship this couple If they finally married with other people, I still hope they will reunite in a movie/drama.
  10. Shin Hye is currently dating Choi Tae Joon and Hyun Bin may be dating Son Ye Jin, but deep in my heart I’m still hopeful that they can be together in real life. Well, nobody knows what will happen in the future... I’ll be very happy if they’re dating and get married in the next few years, have kids bla bla... However right now, the dream seems so far away... Shin Hye’s relationship seems stable and his bf has already met her parents... If they’re not meant to be together, I wish they’re happy with their respective partners.
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