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  1. My baby is so beautiful and eye catching. My heart is smiling whenever I see her pictures Will wait patiently for her new movies and drama.
  2. I agree. She can rock her short hair like when she attended the fashion week for Valentino.
  3. Yes I feel much better now after I've shared my feeling here... thanks to you, @gets0meair and other shippers in this thread Sometimes I miss them so much and I need to talk to HyunShin friends... hehehe For now, I'll cherish their moments during MOA together. I'll continue to love Ms Bright energy and Mr Gentleman couple until they officially announce their relationship with other people.
  4. Yasss... Btw, how to hide our content? I have something in my mind that keep bugging me but I dont think should discuss it publicly. huhu
  5. Wahhh 30 minutes! So maybe he was talking to his lover a.k.a bright energy! I mean, you won't talk that long with your staffs right? Or your family and friends? Especially for a guy...
  6. I was referring to PSH and her last year's confirmed bf. Hehehe Hahaha ok2 Sorry typo in my earlier post. He and his co-star. Based on the translation, looks like they're just friends only. HB and his co-star. hehehe...
  7. PSH and her bf? I believe their relationship since her agency confirmed it last year. But not sure whether they're still together until now. I hope not... hehehe. I know it's PSH's choice but I don't get good vibe from the guy. But, if you're talking about PSH-HB, I'm glad if they're really together based on the hints u got and hope they'll just announce their wedding soon. Maybe in year 2021 or 2022? Hahaha... I wish For me, I haven't read anything (solid evidence) that can even prove they're still in contact or in relationship. Maybe can blame my lack of stalking skills hehehe. I'll be sad if they're getting awkward with each other because of their busyness. I mean, they may be attracted to each other, but whether they'll act on their feelings? Especially if PSH has not broken up with her last year's confirmed bf. I didn't watch other couples' Jenga videos. Just HyunShin
  8. Serious? Maybe it's just me then... hahaha But, they're still together or not? Based on the hints u got? i wish i can be invincible and stalk them. hehehe Yup my heart is always smiling watching Jenga video
  9. Really? I can't find it. Maybe my stalking skills are lacking. So frustrating I know both of them are still together up until Jan this year. Someone met them and their bestfriend LSK in a restaurant and got their signatures. Yes. I'm always imagining both of them starring in a movie like Mr & Mrs Smith. Sure dabombbb!! I always watch their clips when I miss them. My fav is Jenga video and BTS clips. I just re-watched MOA (their scenes only) last night.
  10. Hello... I miss them. PSH is busy preparing for her FM Seoul in Dec, shooting movie and HB is also busy shooting his drama. I feel like my ship is slowly sinking... with no hint whether PSH and her bf is still together or not and HB and her co-star spending time together. Sometimes I feel like it's better for my heart if PSH announce her wedding after her bf finish his military training or HB and her rumored gf announce their relationship/wedding after their drama... But, I always remind myself this, if they're meant to be together, they will be... if not, hope both of them will be happy with their partners. I had a dream last week about a reporter saw these 2 eating together in a restaurant. I remember in my dream I was so nervous to get more info about the news and for them to confirm or deny if there is anything special between them. But my dream got cut off because my alarm was ringing... hahaha... I was upset because after I woke up, I google for the news but it didn't happen, just a dream. Silly me... I can't wait to watch HB new drama. Both are good actors and good looking too. I think I will enjoy the drama although I wish I can see PSH-HB pairing again. PSH may have a new drama too, the myth of sisyphus with Cho Seung Woo.
  11. You're right chingu. What matters most is their happiness Heart must be strong because anytime the ship can sink with their marriage announcement
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