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  1. So apparently, for TVB episode 28, they deleted the scene of WJ looking at golden box/thinking of ZM, but extended the duelling between WJ and FY. Seems TVB version is getting good reviews for restoring the deleted wuxia/fight scenes
  2. BTW, just read that due to the popularity of the latest remake of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre", China is going to remake “The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain” <雪山飛狐> and there are rumors on casting Lin Yushen (林雨申) as Hu Fei’s father. Full article here - https://www.jaynestars.com/news/china-to-remake-the-flying-fox-of-snowy-mountain/
  3. Yes, even if it's original voices it's still dubbing - just that the original actors go back to the studio to dub their own lines. For Mainland dramas, I think they arrange voice actors for everyone but if the original actor has a suitable voice and is willing to commit extra time, then they can go back and dub as well. I saw an interview with Zhang Binbin once and he said he's not used to watching himself on screen with a different person's voice, so he always tries to dub his own dramas even though it's hard to fit into his schedule. Agree! TVB is never good at dubbing. Everyone sounds "off", especially WJ. Do you watch HK dramas in their original voices then? I recall when we lived in SG, all TVB dramas were dubbed in Mandarin until we figured out how to convert back to Cantonese on the TV box, haha.
  4. He debated for a few seconds actually, but ZM was already unconscious (with XZ attending to her), whereas YL was coughing from her injuries so that’s why he had to go check on her. Must say I’m very impressed with the directing and casting for this drama. They really paid attention to every single gesture and expression, even after all our slicing and dicing there aren’t too many faults
  5. Yes, some c-fans were analyzing like crazy on Weibo because there were some BTS pics where Joseph's hand was on her back instead of her head (which they used in the drama), or mouth was open from one angle but closed from another. After so many takes, and they still give us an amateur-ish kiss, I guess it was done on purpose Apparently Joseph had a kissing scene PLUS bed scene in one of his previous dramas (sorry don't know the name), and I heard he gave a more experienced performance there, haha. Agree, I think a lot of HSDS's success can be attributed to their acting skills. If you watch their interviews or follow their posts, Joseph is noticeably younger than Yukee in real life (he's 21 whereas she's 26). But in the drama, it's totally reversed because WJ is two years older than ZM and they were totally into character. Of course, having good voice actors helped too.
  6. Not sure if posted already, but someone made a slow motion GIF of the kiss
  7. Some viewers said that according to the novel, WJ was dreaming about Bat King’s threat to cut ZM’s face earlier that day. That’s why he woke up saying 我不要啊 (I don’t want)。I’ll try to find that post again and copy here if I do.
  8. When it's a joint HK-Mainland production, the two versions are noticeably different and I always watch HK's. For example, 再創世紀 "Another Era" was 36 episodes on TVB and 34 episodes on iQiyi. Mainland is very conservative and censors out many topics, like there was a sentence "relationship with mistress" and they edited that out so the conversation didn't even make sense anymore HSDS is not joint though, so TVB can only air whichever version they bought. With regards to episode count, I read that there were 70 episodes of footage but the production team's final cut was 62 episodes. They were forced to cut it down further due to broadcast restrictions of being allocated 50 episodes of airtime only.
  9. I noticed the same. Each TVB episode is around 43:30 min, which is ~3 min shorter than each Mainland episode. They are saving ~1:30 min by using shorter opening/ending songs, and snipping ~1:30 min of content from each episode. Seems that TVB's intention is just to keep pace with the Mainland version, not necessarily to restore cut scenes.
  10. I read that the episodes which got cut include: ZYZ becoming emperor —I think if we saw the full version, maybe RYW's death would make more sense RYW and WBB scenes Big emotional crying scenes from Joseph (after ZM's fake death) and Yukee (before WJ's wedding) Ending conversation between WJ and ZM at the grasslands, before they started twirling in circles It's too bad the production team likes to do most of their chopping during the last 4 episodes, or maybe it's just more noticeable as we get closer to the ending because by then every detail counts. I doubt anyone has managed to get their hands on the uncut version, otherwise they would be promoting like crazy to increase viewership (like what Taiwan is doing for GMP).
  11. ZM said a few times that her intention was never to crash the wedding, it's purely to bring him to find XX. Is that true though? The timing seems impeccable given she appeared right before WJ and ZR were supposed to bow to each other...
  12. General consensus is that term belongs to YBH, since in the original novel WJ/ZZR met and parted within the same day, whereas WJ/YBH spent several months travelling thousands of miles together. To be honest, I don't think that term applies to any of the girls in his childhood. But I guess for the drama, they want to hype up the love triangle between WJ/ZM/ZZR so they're promoting it this way. I read a few pages back that TVB cut out some poetry that ZCS recited before his death? I just watched the TVB version but all the lines are still there. So confusing, I wonder if there are multiple versions floating around
  13. Geez, who bribed TVB to advertise ZZR and WJ as childhood sweethearts??!! This post is attracting a lot of criticism
  14. Lol, this was great! I even paused it a few times I am curious about the interactions between WJ and XZ though. What does being a maid entail? We saw her comb and style his hair, but would he have let her apply medicine on his back?
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