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  1. And this is why pictures where deleted by PSJ. Not because it was some secret vacation but the detective work to connect anything and tie them together. PSJ deleted pics to stop the talk and protect himself and the person being talked about. That's why some of them have to go so far as to turn off their comments section now because some people don't know when to keep their thoughts to themselves. None the less some people never see and learn. Seeing things where things are not. Connecting dots that are not dots all just because... Good luck with that detective work. Back to regular programming.
  2. Honestly not disappointed. Honestly love PPC so I'll say it here. Honestly, people should be able to say it here without having to run somewhere else cause someone doesn't want to hear it. Does it take away from that person liking PPC being together I think not if they tell you that's how they feel. Don't miss the whole point at all. And by the way i would always appreciate a person true feelings towards something than a person saying only what I want to hear, hope to hear or wish to hear. Hope that answers it for you.. and you are very right. I dislike arguments but always like pointing things out when they seem lopsided to me or they are far off common sense to me. Healthy conversations are awesome
  3. Reality check ( and I will cover a few things): and nothing to get mad over. People do date and get married knowing each other for a fee months. When you meet your person it doesn't take a year or years to know that even if it is still wiser to date and be sure. 2. For some of you: Just because you hear something contrary to what you believe doesn't mean you should tell someone go share it somewhere else. 3. I haven't even watched HPL but I continue to see clips and behind the scenes and can speak on what I see without even watching what happens while the tape rolls where the character MUST be in Character. Behind the scenes you don't need to be in Character when the tape is rolling that is all let's have a laugh now even if we are doing lines. That's where they let their guards down and be 4. I read a lot of everyone feelings and end of day that is your feelings and your feelings are as valid as the next person that ships or doesn't ship. (My opinion) I don't ever dismiss people feelings cause I don't like it. Don't ever treat people that way. 5. I can be all about wanting and hoping PMY and PSJ date and be a open happy couple but knowing me I also accept other things. Such is life. Anyways it's pretty early in NYC but I just wanted to say this. Don't be so hard on yourself that you treat someone different whenever their views differ from yours. Find the common ground instead.
  4. Aww I wasn't worried for the longest. Denial that I couldn't see what I didn't want to see. Some of these behind the scenes of PMY and KJW is crazy. The way they look at each other and their closeness now is undeniable. I am more than surprised dating rumors hasn't started yet. ( they are giving me nightmares) their off screen chemistry screams relationship comfortable with each other. He with her and her with him.. PMY is very warm with KJW behind the scenes and some of that I didn't see with PSJ at all. My head admits it but not my heart doesn't. My heart is praying for a ParkPark relationship. So awe I have to prepare myself for any news that is coming.
  5. More like KJW face lacks a lot of emotions. Handsome as hell but it's not all there. Plain talk no offense. I love to guy but I see it.. But the acting chemistry is good on both parts.
  6. TVN needs this Drama to be successful so they will more than likely push romance for the second half. . and from what I'm seeing people kept asking for it so it's coming. Just how steamy it gets I hope it doesn't get WWWSK bed scene steamy at all.
  7. We love him he is handsome. My 10yr old is a super PSJ fan. She has been watching Drama's for a while now. She understands some Korean also. She speaks a bit of Korean here and there and learned mostly watching Drama's Park MinYoung is also a favorite of hers as well as Park Bo Young, Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki, and Lee Jong Suk. Whoever they ends up with if not together I am pretty sure we all would just love them just as much and support their work as we should. But for now one can hope, wish and dream for something. Lol
  8. I feel you. Sorry I love people chemistry but I can't just jump ship just cause I see chemistry somewhere else that easy. Either I'm with something or I'm not. But i support other views also as one should. Very understanding.
  9. As I see this I want to ask. Who really wants to see Park Min and Park Joon as a true couple or is this just fun enough that you ship her with someone and then jump to the next person she works with? Wait if she does a show after this and there is chemistry with that other action does that mean another jump ship for that actor? hmmm curious Anyways Have fun
  10. She really good at creating chemistry with whoever she works with. I am not enjoying the new Drama. I really thought I would but not my cup of tea. Still wish their Drama succeeds as TVN pushes it daily.
  11. Of course, she cares about the Drama's success. What she also cares more about is growing as an actor in whatever role she accepts she hopes she can deliver on it and it can be pleasing to the people that support her. Even if the roles she takes are similar she wants to always show herself her growth. It would be foolish to not care about the success of something you are main leading.
  12. Both PMY and KJW are successful actors in their own rights. The pairing for this Drama is amazing. I would imagine TVN needs this Drama to be very successful and they have been pushing it like crazy. I cannot go a day without seeing something about this Drama. They truly want the focus to be on them.. So, if the focus or the crowd wants to see KJW this is not a bad thing because that's only going to help the show's success just as if the crowd focus was on PMY. That is simply what the producers, writers and TVN need. There is no overshadowing PMY she is the main lead for a reason. End of the day when the main lead fails in a show it's because the interest in the show failed to attract people. The main leads couldn't hold people interest. The story wasn't all there. The second leads were more interesting, the main leads couldn't act the part or A story comes out that distracts (like it did with WWWSK) to overshadow the entire Drama (only with WWWSK even rumours helped with the show's success I think) Etc etc. So many other reasons. Since I am watching the Drama through Viki I cannot contribute to the direct ratings of the Drama but can contribute to the international viewing of the Drama showing how well or not it is received by other means. So the ratings are all up to people that can actually watch it live first for now.
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