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  1. So, Yiren and Haolan get married, and then during those 8 years when they are apart, he marries another woman? I know it's just for power, but is it a genuine marriage (i.e. does he sleep with her, etc)? I've only watched up until episode 18, but so far I prefer the thought of Hao Lan and Yiren together, than her and Lu Bu Wei...not based off any intricate analysis of their characters, just on a superficial level.. I can't handle betrayal/cheating of a romantic kind when it comes to my OTPs, so if Yiren genuinely married another woman, or has loads of concubines he pays attention to I likely won't be able to keep watching. I know that's really common in historical dramas though It didn't bother me in Yanxi because her character seemed so unaffected by it, but as a general rule it does. But that's just me; I find it hard to deal with the emotion.
  2. Where did you watch the episode and which episode was it?? I'm not sure how I feel about the whole concubine thing. As long as he doesn't give her the time of day, I can be at peace with it...but I generally find it quite hard to watch when things like this happen.
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