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  1. 4 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    @Golden Flower it's always interesting to read your analysis. They are always on another perspective. :)

    We may agree or disagree, but we could at least see or understand. 


    Just one thing tho. 

    On the incident where the 3 girls fell out and embarrassed the family, but only RL and ML Got punished..

    I agree that SH didn't know Molan instigated it. But he also didn't know If RL or ML did. 

    It was ML's words against RL and ML. 

    Yet he chose to believe Molan and punished the other 2. 

    If he really doesnt know who instigated, should he punished all 3 the same way?

    Why then did Molan got away scot free?


    I believe because she's the oldest

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  2. First home when I saw he did not sleep with the concubine she was still in the same clothes fully dressed on the bed and he was still in the same spot when he walked out. And second she had to accept the concubine the conditions she had three options she said you either had a concubine that was gifted to you a concubine that was raised or concubine that you know somebody chose and because this was gifted the purpose of this concubine was to cause a fight between husband and wife and he was going to call the fight between the families cuz now he's the head of his family and if he caused a fight between his aunt and any other extended family it would cause more division in the house so she said might as well get it over and done with.

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