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  1. I'm not going to jump into any conclusions, but it looks like a whole lot more will be uncovered regarding not just JJY, but the other members. I'll begin preparing my mind a possible cancellation of the show.
  2. My biggest concern is that the other members might have seen the videos or even shared them. Saying they'll be going on an indefinite hiatus sounds is concerning. Why not till investigations are completed? Do guys think some other members might be involved? They probably know that their names will come up in the course of further investigations. They also mentioned thoroughly screening the other members. I desperately hope I'm wrong.
  3. Question! Does anyone know of any K-drama whatsapp groups? I'll like to join one if there is.
  4. Guys! Choi Jin Hyuk has been confirmed for Inner Circle, a new drama! I'm thrilled, although I wish he'd rest a month of two before filming begins.
  5. This a new drama Choi Jin Hyuk has been confirmed for! Soompi's article states that he is considering the offer, but the article I read on Naver claims he has confirmed his appearance in the project. Whatever the case is, I hope he appears in the drama
  6. You've said it all! There was supposed to be romance (and well developed at that!) between them.
  7. I feel sorry for SN/WS. They're just characters in a drama, but the writer have made them so pitiful. Huhu. I love this what you wrote about them: Sunny and WS are the central figures because their battle isn’t just about personal revenge. Their low-keyed heartwarming relationship shows why they should triumph at the end against a group of noise, greedy, self-centered psychos. These two, Sunny and WS, are barely making a living. They can only offer a small gesture through a handful of food, an inexpensive red scarf, or a common little bandage. But they know what is important and what is really needed in a relationship: trust and care. JNR and CJH knew about their characters: Sunny is an empress and married. They developed their slow burning chemistry which needed a lot more screen time than what they were given in order for the viewers to feel and appreciate the intensity and restraint underneath the slow burning. This is an apt description of their relationship. I want to knock all the production team on their heads.
  8. The obvious thing will be to kill him off- maybe Hyuk might just kill him as he'd always said he would.
  9. I agree that he was badly disrepected. Despite the fact that they knew about this early on, it's obvious the production staff favors SSR more or probably have something against CJH. I'll be on my way. Thanks to all the hardworking cast (not their fault in anyway). NEXT!
  10. Thank you for this write-up. I was feeling super frustrated, but reading your thoughts on NW/SN has given me some perspective on their relationship, and why the writer has not given them any intimate scenes. You sound like you may be in the writer's mind hahaha. I feel a sense of closure now, even if the drama ends without them hugging or expressing their feelings for each other. I still want Sunny to express her feelings for Wangsik in words. You pointed out that it's almost as if she keeps evading the question of what her relationship with Wangshik is. And different people at different times have asked her in recent episodes but she wouldn't say. But at the same time, I don't want anything rushed. I agree, if you watch the numerous NW/SN videos on Youtube and Instagram, they did have a number of sweet moments together. This served as a nice reminder
  11. This comment is so apt. I'm so curious about Kang Ju Seung (the previous guard) and where he's been carted to. You'll remember that Hyuk did not find him in the mental hospital room the last time (or am I wrong?).
  12. This comment is just hilarious hahaha. Couldn't stop laughing at the angry bird part. And I like hottie as WB/WS's nickname.
  13. That is unfortunately true. I used to pride myself on being able to draw a clear line between a drama and my emotions but I actually felt so angry and frustrated today, and hearing that there'll only be one full episode next week threatened to ruin my mood hahaha
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