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  1. While every one is seriously analyzing the drama, can I analyze from the Minlan point of view ( for fun) QH - He is my only classmate, although we both are married, why can’t I still communicate as friend. I have no friends, only step sisters or cousin. For my husband he has childhood friend like my step brother and work relative friends like all the Generals, they can talk, drink together etc., why can’t I or QH visit my house and talk or why can’t we play polo sometimes. I do not want to associate with all snobbish IQ low women. He stills love me, so what. It is a good thing. So long as we do not cross the line. GTY - Yes I marry to him because he is smart. If he is not smart, I will never think of him. Since young, I noticed, that he help me and save me. Although he said, I can be myself, why he is so mean to call him like his mistress. I will not. His GU family is a big big trouble for me. I have mentally no rest since I married to him. Physicality I am not so strong, after my mother passed away, I had a high fever and since then, I am not too healthy. I came back from my father’s house and I am too depressed . And guess what? His aunty wants to give him concubine. I think I should give up. Dr. He - he is nice person, although I do not love him, I think my life will be peaceful as my grandmother predicts. My Aunty from my mother side - Although GTY is rich, I cannot help my aunty or visit her. Poor me. Noble woman - Although the Emperor awarded this title, those snobbish people talk bad thing about me and in front of me that General’swife insulted me. Can you believe that, in my own house. (Those will be her thinking )
  2. Most of you are thinking GTY loves her a lot. Why Milan cannot understand? Which ever period it maybe, whether it is 21st Century or that period, as a wife, how can you love 100% to a husband who already had 2 children and loves them a lot. There is a saying, if a man loves a children that means, he still loves the mother of those children. After Minlan married him, she has a very hard time mentally. A lot of burden on her shoulder while she is still very young. Concubines, daughter and son from another woman, snobbish relatives, unwanted servants etc. in reality love alone cannot survive.
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