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  1. Yesss like she told how close Prince Huan GTY and how Prince Huan was praised to be talented and broad minded to emperor. This act of Guifei shows that she wanted to raised doubt in the emperor heart and want to raise conflict between the father and son. I think the purpose she does this part of it she want to fight against the empress and part of it is she in the ED's fraction. Man I really hope she does not have a son with the emperor. If she does, it is obvious then that she want to rise her son up.
  2. In episode 55, the emperor said that "It is Prince Huan's blessings that's profound." This resulted Prince Huan to kneel infront of the emperor and empress. I really hope this is part of the emperor and his confidents' plan. Probably they want to show to the ED that the bond they have started to shake and the ED thinks that she now has the upper hand in their political battle. This actually worries me because the emperor seems to acted wary and his Guifei seems to be in hand with the ED...
  3. Omg in episode 55 when Shitou called XT, Tao'er literally makes me screamed with happiness! Yey his action of wooing XT is so obvious that GTY pointed it out loud hahaha. And in addition I'm so happy for Danju. Her cousin (future husband) sounds nice as he willing to wait for Danju and marries her. I hope for her happiness
  4. Chang momo is the best! She disregard her status and scolded both Mdm Qin and Kang yima. No Chang momo is a MVP and deserve an award now lol. And the moment Kang yima trip, I was like "YESSS THAT WHAT YOU GET B.... HOPE YOUR FEET GET LAME" lol I hope the screen writers spice things up with regard the retribution faced by Mdm Qin and Kang Yima liked they did with CL's ending. Come on screenwriters, don't disappoint me pleaseee Yes I saw the clip too. I hope it was like you think it is so it can be more justifiable and acceptable for her action. And not because she fall in love with GTY or anything blahblahblah.
  5. Now everything makes sense why Kang Yima acted an A grade a-hole towards ML and her family. Dang it why ahhh Daniang has a sudden drop of intelligent whenever she face this sister of her? Daning's argument always like "she is my blood sister. So why would she scheme against me?" Like dude where did you throw your brain?
  6. So true. Like wth you think you are Kang Yima??? You're not even related to ML! Can't you like go away already But I think... And another point... ARGHHHH (screaming in frustration) that concubine who is trying to kill herself in order to force ML to accept her into the house is so effing annoying!
  7. I assumed both hahaha Worse he acted against ML but I can assumed that he actually thinks he doing this for the benefit of ML. He probably wanna show to ML how "bad" GTY but he never had a moment and thinks the effects to ML... because of this QH become the tools for the ED against the emperor and his confidents haih
  8. SH cares for his reputation rather than justice. He probably like so what CL murdered ML's mother. He doesn't want to hang his dirty laundary. In future episodes, will see more how dipsh*t SH is when grandmother get poison. Luckily Chang Bai wasn't like this SH
  9. IMO, Liang Han is actually quite a pity guy. Maybe I have a soft spot for him as I think his looks is very charming lol. But if only Molan actually knows her place and idk being a good wife for him after marriage is better but no. She had to scheme at their house against the concubines and must have done something to his babies. Governess Kong is so correct when she said that Molan is smart and sharp and outstanding in all matters. But she always let herself smart and regard everyone else as fools. A smart man can be ruined by his smarts. Hopefully Liang Han's brain get the hints given by ML during the fight and Molan's maid in his room.
  10. MY SHIP IS SAILING YEYYYY Yup. All the patient pay off when they see how awesome ML is XD and for the english translation you could just see it here... Unfortunetly, only 32 chapters have been translated
  11. Hopefully Danjuu still serves ML after her marriage. But as we can observed from Lao Tai Tai and Da Niang, both their momo are married and still serve them respectively. Probably Danjuu shall still serve ML
  12. Both ML and GTY are so sweet on helping General Shen and his wife on resolving their issues. Urgh the concubine is so annoying (despite I don't understand what they were saying in the raw lol). And I love how ML and Shen Furen (idk her name) become best friend
  13. I can't deny I love all this fight and misunderstanding going on. This shows that their relationship will be streghthen and probably resolves all the knot in both MLan's and GTY's heart
  14. On the other hand, in episode 50 when ML, Danjuu and XT were in the room together discussing Chang er whereabout... XT: Shitou told me that MN has an older brother. Danjuu: Shitou tells you everthing? XT: He even bought me fried cherry form the Nanbeo Store Danjuu: *Show a 'knowing' smile* Me: Omooo my kokoro <3 Omgggg if they did not explicitly ends up together in this drama, this girl gonna cryyyyy! Edit: In the latest raw, who's gonna marries Danjuu tho... I hope Danjuu still serves ML.
  15. Agree. If the scriptwriters follow exactly the plot in the novel, I think my head will hurt for a long time. And in addition, the drama will be superrr long as in the novel...
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