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  1. The main girl reminds me a bit of Janice Wu except her features are not as nice as her, her eyes are a bit far apart and her nose is bigger. I find the actress for the sister part is prettier. The second lead also have very far apart eyes.
  2. Can someone link the photos of MRF as a female? I read somewhere in the novel, MRF is definitely a guy.
  3. Thank you for working hard for those who enjoys reading recap (summary) and for those who doesn't understand the language.
  4. Me too, it is clear that he only loves BQ. But if I were BQ, I would feel the same anger too
  5. I am angry that CY went to see LCW even though he promised BQ that he will not. (When she was drinking ... ep39)
  6. Googled on Dylan Guo, I don't think they looked similar (maybe side views could be a different story?) ... recently, I find the eyes of ZBB, reminds me of Chen Xiao, if I covered half of his face (just the eyes part visible), I could mistake him for CX. As for Zhu Shou, I think he is quite street wise and well traveled, so I don't think he have issues to take care of himself. And We do see him later with BQ again ...
  7. I gave episode one a go due to my love for season 1. It was okay, I am neither hating on it or impressed with it. What I felt was the huge hole left by the previous lead actor and actress. For me, personally, the new people cannot filled in their roles. I knew this before starting to watch since the previous leads left a big impression from season one. As for the new actress, her acting wise was decent for me, she tried her best to fill in the role of TJZ and with the help of the same voice actress from season 1, that helped a lot for me to imagine her as the main girl from season 1. Also at certain angles, she kind of looked a bit like Janice Wu. Except, her facial expressions doesn't have the brightness and expressiveness of Janice as TJZ. When she have less make up on her face especially her eyes, she looked so dead and with no expression in her eyes. I know she is supposed to be "sick" (due to her pregnancy), so the less make up especially on her eyes to project her that way. I think if it was Janice, her eyes would not looked so dull and dead even with no make up on. All I can say is this new actress did her best to fill in this role but couldn't fill in the holes left by the first actress from season 1. As for the new actor, it is hard to say since his character is a quick type, it is hard to express so much. And the previous actor was a newbie in acting, though he did his best for the role and it kind of suited him since it was a character with few words and quiet type. The new styling for Monster Xu in season 2, doesn't follows S1, so that kind of make it harder to see the new guy as the character. The earring and the clothing. I am more bothered about the earring as I can't imagine Monster Xu wearing that after watching season 1. As for now, from ep1, I couldn't see him as Monster Xu, his expressions was very dead as well. I haven't seen his other acting in other drama. I know Monster Xu is supposed to have few expressions, but I guess I am used to the previous actor's portrayal of him, so it is hard for me to see this new guy as him. This new guy is kind of mature looking compared to the previous one, who is more boyish. I don't think I will continued on with this new season due to my love for season 1 and the characters portrayed by previous actress and actor left such a deep impression. Even though, I had wanted to see season 2 and know more about their baby after season 1. But after finding out, the change in cast, I have been so disappointed. I wished the production would have waited for both leads to be available, I would rather wait.
  8. Her baby is like half monster .. so it doesn't follow the logic of human's pregnancy rules!?
  9. I am waiting for more episodes before watching. I will definitely see this for Joe Chen. And I like Chen Xiao too. Both are visually good looking and their acting skills are pretty good.
  10. Loving their costumes, so many couple outfits ...
  11. Ep35 was definitely amazing episode. The interactions between main two and DFS are so funny. Glad the misunderstanding didn't last long ... it showed that both of them are deeply in love. Both third wheels needs to roll down on the road ... lol .. buqi (ariel) is too cute.... in the scenes when she wanted to eat the snake meat and the scene of them in the tiny cave (hole) area... i wish we get to see them do more kissing scenes and longer and not just fade out all the time ..lol
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