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  1. Aw thank you for translating the interview!!! He does seem like a quiet and shy kind of person. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi there. Can you tell me the gist of the interview? I'm assuming that he's responding to questions about the movie - just wondering if anything interesting came out of it. Also I didn't realize how deep his voice is. thx
  3. Thanks to you I've learned something new. I hope there will be a new movie (that modern one where he's in a hotel) on the screen soon.
  4. Thanks @themarchioness! This might be old. Are you done watching Pretty Li Hui zhen?
  5. Has anyone seen his interview which was posted on March 12th on YouTube? I don't know how to link here.
  6. Is anyone watching a fun/ rom com/ mystery drama with happy ending that you could recommend? I really liked "I will never let you go " because it was fun and fast paced... Still sad about the ending.
  7. I finally saw the trailer for this (oh my general). It looks more interesting than the other one that someone recommended (go princess go) - that one was silly. Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. I might check out o2o for ZBB but yang yang's perfect character is a bit too saccharine for me. Peter Sheng seemed flat / cold - like the other fantasy drama where he's the king? Someone recommended it cuz it was funny but I thought it was so weird.
  9. Has anyone seen 'Angel Wings'? It's an oldie with ZBB in supporting role. Looks like a tear jerker so I might avoid it.
  10. Thank you! I'm so happy to find this forum and discovering ZBB.
  11. Thank you! That 10-arrows comment cracks me up! ZBB's smile is really magnetic and engaging...seriously.
  12. Looking forward to your summary / comparison wth the novel. Again, wish there is an English version of the novel. Can you ping me when you post it?
  13. Same! Only I don't understand chinese so i will just look at him.
  14. Thank you again and again for the funny comments, thought, time on these recaps. I'll follow you to the next drama - only if it's funny and romantic and the ending is solid.
  15. Agree! I couldn't make head/ tail of the ending. Reminds me of the scene where BQ was imagining LYK while holding the rabbit lantern. (Sigh) based on that and not knowing how he could have gotten out of the well! Makes me think that she was imagining him.
  16. I'm tempted to watch SSP too after watching ZBB /IWNLYG for the first time. I'm not sure about the ending. Ugh. Why can't he have a solid happy ending dang it!? However I loved your comments and recaps for IWNLYG, I might do it per your recommendation!
  17. Thank you for the recaps! You've made the process of watching this drama fun. I love CY and BQ and their commitment to each other... Too many pointless deaths though... And over the course of the drama I started to sympathize with both DFS and QW ... They both wanted BQ, CY... QW was the female version of DFS in that she really wants CY and will do anything to have him and will harm anyone in her way... overall I enjoyed the drama.
  18. Eps 48, 49 made my heart ache. Looking forward to watching the final 2 eps! If only there will be a happy epilogue, even if it's only 5 minutes of BQ/CY's happy life together and not a 1-2 sec reunion.
  19. You've been so great with these recaps! Thank you. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the roller-coaster emotions...
  20. In one of the convo between CY and his father, he said the reason that he had not arrange a marriage for CY because he didn't want him to be trapped in the capital or in the same situation as he. As for the prince and merchant, this is fantasy
  21. More happy scenarios please! I love all of them so far... I can imagine all the wonderful banters between CY and BQ. I'm torn like you...
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